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            AUGUST 2012


Editor: Kristin Shields          www.quiltsqq.com              President: Martha Sanders



The Quilt Show in the Park takes the place of our August meeting. 

See you there!

President’s Message

Martha S.


Oh wouldn’t it be nice

if we could sew-oh

Anytime we wanted to

and know

That every block would turn out to be perfect

And would be a big hit at the show


It takes more than a song to get our quilt show up and running and we need help from everyone.  If you haven’t signed up for a specific task, that’s okay, just come to Pioneer Park on Saturday the 18th with your willing spirit to guide our guests, help out at the various work stations, sit and relax and get to know your fellow quilters a little better (ps – bring your own chair) and enjoy the famous summer potluck lunch.  Oh yes, there’s a sale table too. Wait ‘til you see the Boutique! Have you purchased your raffle tickets for this year’s raffle quilt? We saw some wonderful show and tell at the July meeting and we’ll see more fabulous ideas in fabric at the quilt show. This is our ‘big deal’ of the year as the second largest outdoor quilt show in Central Oregon!

Thank you to all who volunteered at the Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show, both at the event, before and after and thanks to those whose quilts that were displayed.   As Ann Richardson said recently, ‘you have a story to brag about’.   It was some day!   I’m proud that so many of our guild’s members participated in many ways.

Remember, that’s shady Pioneer Park for our 29th annual quilt show Saturday 8/18.  See you at the paahk (in ‘Bahstanese’)!

Quilt Show in the Park

Julia J.

MBQG Presents the 2012 “Quilt Show in the Park”

Saturday August 18, 2012   10 am to 4 pm


Don’t miss out! Come have fun with your friends and fellow members at Pioneer Park and let’s work together to put on a wonderful show…


Quilt Collection and Sales Table Collection

Day/date: Friday, August 17, 2012

Time:  10 - 3

Where: Bend Parks Recreation District Office ‘Community Room’.

The BPRD District Office is @ 799 SW Columbia Street located adjacent to Riverbend Park.


Quilt Collection (a note from Jane D.):


1.  All quilts must have a cloth label sewn to the back of the quilt. If you forget, we will have a small amount of muslin, a pen, and a needle and thread for you to use on the 17th.


2.  All quilts must have a completed quilt show entry form. We will have copies of the form on August 17th, if you have not already received the form to fill out. *A pdf version of the form is available to print on the website. PLEASE do not pin the paper label to your quilt. We will do this after the quilt is submitted.


If you have any questions about Quilt Collection, please email Jane D. Thank you to those who have volunteered to help with Quilt Collection on the 17th.


HOLD ON TO YOUR RECEIPT!!! It’s very important that you have the receipt(s) from quilt collection day. This is the only way for you to pick up yours or your friend’s quilts. The Quilt Return committee cannot give quilts away without a receipt.


Sales Table Collection:

Have some sewing supplies, books, fabric or anything else related to quilting that you’d like to sell? Have stuff laying around that you just don’t use and don’t know what to do with? This is your opportunity to clean out your closet and your sewing room. Bundle magazines, bag up notions (zip lock), and box up that day lamp that just doesn’t fit on your sewing table. Clean up your creative space, put a little change in your pocket and support our guild!!!    *Instructions and a pdf sales item inventory form are posted on the Guild website.  


Quilt Show Day

We need lots of help for set-up and break down.

Help of husbands and teenagers would be appreciated for both set up and break down. The more help the better! It goes quickly and it’s lots of fun!!!

Set up: Please arrive at 7 am to help with set up. We need every able-bodied person we can get to set up the quilt frames and hang the quilts.  Coffee and donuts will be provided!

Break down: At 4:00 pm we will be taking down the quilts, taking apart the frames and loading up the truck.

*There’s no need for husbands to stay at the park all day – let them go play! They are definitely welcome to stay if they’d like. J


We still need volunteers for both days!

Call or email Julia J. to have your name added to the lists. Please be sure to give your first and last name with telephone number.

Available Jobs:

  • · STILL AVAILABLE: A Quilt Show Co-Chair Person!!!  This person will be   present to observe all aspects of the show this year in order to Chair       the 2013 Quilt Show.  


Friday August 17th at BPRD collection site:

  • ·  Quilt collection time slots available: 1:00 to 3:00
  • ·  Quilt Pinning time slots available: 1:00 – 3:00 
  • .  Quilt Transport: 3:00 Load quilts in vehicle and transport to the          show.    


Saturday August 18th at Pioneer Park:

  • · Sales Table Committee time available: 2:00 – 4:00 and 3:45 (Pack up items     and load into vehicles for transport)
  • · Quilt return and pick up: Committee chair is still needed plus 3 or four others:   3 pm to finish
  • · Viewer's Choice:  Noon-2:00.    

Remember, if you have a MBQG t-shirt wear it to the show. It would also be appreciated if you’d wear your nametag during quilt show also.

Thank you to everyone who has signed up to work on the various committees. If you have a suggestion about how some things might be done better this year, please contact me.  Don’t forget to mark your calendars, and please ask your husbands to agree to help us with set-up and breakdown. 


Quilt Show Potluck

Lisa N.

Besides the gorgeous quilts, the delicious food is another thing we look forward to at the quilt show every year.  If your last name starts with A to L, please bring a salad.  If your last name starts with M to Z, please bring a main dish. Serving utensils would be helpful as well.  Those so inclined may bring a dessert.


Quilt Show Ambassadors

Kim M.

Quilt Show Ambassadors:  As you walk the quilt show enjoying the beautiful quilts please be aware of people around you who may not be a part of the guild, they may love quilts but don't know much about them.  Feel free to introduce yourself as a guild member and answer their questions.

If you have a spare 30 minutes, hour or 2 hours please come see us at the membership table.  We will give you an apron to wear and gloves to hand out to the crowd.  You will be the official Quilt Show Ambassadors!


Quilt Show Boutique

Mary Ann B.

Please bring your $$ to the Quilt Show in the Park for purchasing the wonderful items that have been made for the Boutique.  The items are little wallets, needle cases, luggage tags, luggage handles, ID/cell phone holders, individual block design walls, receiving baby blankets, pin cushions, embroidered dish towels, hot pads, microwave hot pad bowls, 18” doll clothes, and thread catchers. 

The Boutique had its final sewing day on July 24th and again, it was a success. Thank you to all that attended and those that sewed at home. Thank you for all the items made for the Boutique.

If you have sewn items at home, please call or e-mail Mary Ann B. at 541-312-9513 or topsytavern@yahoo.com for pick-up. 


Doll Bed and Bedclothes

Please remember a couple of bucks to purchase raffle tickets for the beautiful handmade doll bed and bedclothes.  It would bring a sparkle to a young child’s eyes.  A great birthday or holiday present!  Another thought would be to donate it to an organization.


Quilt Show in the Park~ Featured Quilters


Janelle Rebick

Janelle Rebick is a full time elementary school teacher and mother of three. She took up quilting 13 years ago when she took a beginning quilting class with her mother.

Janelle’s style is very eclectic. While she loves creating art quilts with her own hand dyed fabrics, she also enjoys making more traditional paper pieced quilts. Janelle not only pieces her quilt tops but quilts all of her own quilts on her domestic machine. She feels that it is all part of the creative process.

Janelle is a member of the Undercover Quilters. The group is a traditional book club with a twist. They read and meet each month to discuss the books. Once per year, they choose one of the books they have read and make a quilt inspired by the book. “The Moon Knows” and “What is Beer but Liquid Grain” were both made as part of this group. Janelle is currently in the process of collaborating with the author of On the Divinity of Second Chances, Kaya McLaren, to create a children's book with quilts as the illustrations for the story. 

Kristin Shields

Kristin Shields has been quilting for over 20 years, during which her work has evolved from traditional piecing and applique, to liberated piecing and original applique designs, to smaller art pieces with a lot of hand embroidery.

Kristin has been delighted to be part of The Undercover Quilters book club for the past 3 years. The group is a traditional book club in that they read a book every month for discussion, but once a year they create quilts inspired by one of the books. Now, Kristin often finds quilt inspiration in the written word.

Kristin’s current work often features animals, whimsy, color, embroidery, and folk art inspiration. She has also begun to hand dye her own fabrics and threads with synthetic and natural dyes. Kristin’s work can be followed on her blog: www.kristinshields.typepad.com.  


2012 Quilt Challenge

Sylvia K. and Janelle R.

All members who were in attendance at the July guild meeting saw a fun filled presentation of our twelve challenge quilts for 2012. The theme for the challenge quilts was children’s literature and each quilt showed amazing diversity of color, technique and interpretation. Each participant was given a hand dyed fat quarter complements of Janelle R. Gift certificate and ribbon awards from voting will be given out at the September guild meeting.

If you are one of the twelve participants please remember to bring your challenge quilt to the Parks and Rec. building on Columbia St. on August 17th for registration and check-in. If possible, please make a copy of the front cover of the book so it can be displayed with the quilt.  By doing this, we don’t have to display the books themselves.  Remember to vote for Viewer’s Choice at the quilt show. Thank you to everyone for your participation!


2012 Raffle Quilt

Susan M. (submitted by Martha S.)

Thank you to all who helped sell Raffle Tickets during Quilt Show Week.   We have just a few weeks left before the WINNER is selected at our Quilt Show.  Please plan to return all ticket stubs on our Quilt Show day and remember, you are WELCOME to purchase any additional tickets, for yourself or friends, by e-mailing me or stopping by North Sole Shoes, downtown on Friday, I'll be there selling raffle tickets during August First Friday.   


Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show Liaison

Candy W.

Even though it rained on the Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show for the first time in 37 years, the show was the best ever!  It could not have happened without the help of our trusty volunteers.  Thank you so much for all that you do for the show.  Thank you, thank you, thank you!  


Community Quilts

 Karen F. Diana L. and Jane D.

So far this year Community Quilts has received 175 finished quilts.  Each quilt is beautiful and shows so much work by the quilter.  MBQG appreciates all the donated quilts—it’s what makes the organization run!!

We have many quilt tops that need to be quilted.  We package these quilts with the backing to fit, batting and material for the binding.  We would appreciate any help with getting these quilts finished.  If you do not like to do the binding, we have ladies who will complete that step.  These quilts will be available at the general meetings, on Wednesdays at Community Quilts or contact Diana L, Karen F or Jane D.  Every quilt donated helps someone in need.


THANK YOU!  MBQG received a nice thank you note from Erin S., one of the recipients of a quilt at Nativity Lutheran Church for graduating seniors.  She loved the beautiful quilt; and she is off to Paraguay for international service. 


Community Food Drive

Diana L.

August items for the food pantry are canned peas and corn.  Thank you for all your donations—they help so many people in need.  We accept any food or money donations.


Our Guild Library

Linda M.

There will be no raffle this month.  The following books were added to library (donated by members):  Garden View Applique by Faye Labanaris; On the Surface, Thread Embellishment and Fabric Manipulation, by Wendy Hill.  Thank you for your support of the Guild library.



Kayla H.

August- This month is our Quilt Show in the Park on August 18th.  Please see the information in the newsletter about the show.

September- Cheryl Malkowski will be here from Roseburg, Oregon. Cheryl has a background in floral design and has written numerous books.  Cheryl is also passionate about teaching and there will also be a workshop, which you can find out more about in the workshop section of the newsletter. Find out more about Cheryl at http://www.cherylmalkowski.com/

October- Wendy Hill and Pat Pease will be here to present a program.  Both are quilters from Central Oregon and have a wealth of information to share with us. 

November- This is our yearly business meeting.  We will cover items from this year as well as some topics for the upcoming year.  Please bring your show and tell to share.


Lisa N.

There are still a few spaces for the "Twisted Ribbons" workshop with Cheryl Malkowski to be held on Monday, September 10 from 10 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. at the Bend Park and Recreation's Community Room.  Cheryl's quilt, a beautiful rainbow of colors set on a dark background, is gorgeous and you'll learn lots of new piecing techniques.  The cost is $43 and checks can be sent to Lisa N. or given to her at the Quilt Show.

Learn about color, value, composition, techniques and more in a special workshop with Wendy Hill and Pat Pease.  These two talented quilters will be leading a "Color and Design Play" workshop on Tuesday, October 9 from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. at the Bend Park and Recreation's Community Room.  They will have a special exhibit at the Pacific International Quilt Show in 2013 and this is our chance to get a sneak peek of the workshop they will be presenting in conjunction with the exhibit.  The price will be based on how many people sign up (the more that sign up, the lower the cost) and will be determined in late August.  Let Lisa N. know if you are interested.


Caring Corner

Kristin S. for Libby S.

Kayla H.’s husband was involved in a serious accident recently.  I’m sure they would appreciate a note of support during the healing process.

If you have any news among our guild members or previous members, such as births, weddings, illness or passing, please contact Libby S. 541-330-8186 (eseitz@bendbroadband.com) and a card will be mailed on behalf of our Guild.



Kate M., Kim M., Loesje A., Catherine E. and Gayle G.


Lucky July Raffle Winners- Thank you to all the donors!




BJ's Quilt Basket

Gift Card

Lindsey K.

Cynthia's Sewing Center

Gift Card

Sadie R.

High Mountain Fabric


Kris L.

Homestead Quilts

Tool Holder

Julie S.

Morrow's Sew and Vacuum Center

Gift Card  for service

Shannon P.

The Quilt Shack

Fabric and Pattern

Gail K.

Sew Many Quilts

Gift Card

Jill M.

Stitchin’ Post

Gift Card

Corni Q.

Material Girls

Gift Card

Kristin S.

The Quilter’s Attic


Renee' P.


Gift Card

Marie J.

Thread Dancing Longarm Quilting

Gift Card

Debbie A.

Fat Quarter Drawing


Patricia P.


August Birthday Wishes- Happy Birthday to All!

Leslie C. 8/3

Loesje A. 8/4

Bev P. 8/11

Karen K. 8/17

Kate M. 8/17

Jody F. 8/19

Pris B. 8/22


Dates to Remember


Mountain Meadow Quilters: Sunriver Quilt Show                                                August 4, 2012

The Village at Sunriver, No fee, 9am to 4 pm.  Let’s support our fellow Central Oregon quilters at their annual show!


MBQG Quilt Show in the Park                                                                                      August 18, 2012

Bring your friends and family to our very own quilt show!


Pacific West Quilt Show                                                                                                August 25-26, 2012

Greater Tacoma Convention and Trade Center, Tacoma, WA.  Entry submissions due April 20, 2012.  For more information see the website:  www.apwq.org


Whale of a Quilt Show                                                                                                September 28-30, 2012

Ocean Shores Convention Center, Ocean Shores, WA.  Friday and Saturday 10-5, Sunday 10-3.  www.seapalsquilters.org.


With Thanks to our Sponsoring Shops

(Alphabetically by store name, rotated monthly)


Quilters Attic

8154 11th ST.  Suite #1, Terrebonne                        541-548-8119                                     www.quiltersattic.net

Drive up to Terrebonne to see our new fabrics!

~Kathy & friends


The Quilt Shack

1211 NW Madras Hwy, Prineville                                     541-447-1338                                     www.thequiltshack.com

The summer is flying by and what a great time we are all having, a special "Thank You" to the Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show and all to those who helped.  People traveling in really enjoyed the Central Oregon area and all the lovely Quilt Stores along with the Show.


As fall gets closer to us, The Quilt Shack is getting ready for classes, BOM, and Holiday fun.  We will be celebrating our 4 year Anniversary on Saturday, September 8, 2012.  Plus, we will also have our Meet & Greet from 1-4 pm that day.  This will give you a chance to see all the classes, meet the instructors and help celebrate our Anniversary.  We hope to see you there and if you like more information, please go to our website http://www.thequiltshack.com/ to see what's coming up for sales, events, classes, new fabrics and more.  August is a great time to visit with our Lovely Batik Sale!  Have a great summer!

~Rhonda, Family and Friends



926 NE Greenwood Ave., Bend                         541-728-0527                                     www.quiltworks.com

QuiltWorks Quilt Gallery’s First Friday Reception will be August 3, from 5 to 7 PM.  The Featured Quilter Joan Metzger is described as a “renaissance” quilter. Joan’s work is stunning and varied. Our group exhibit is a joint show of the Portland and Central Oregon Modern Quilt Guilds. Come and learn more about the modern quilt movement!

Landscape Quilt Voter Results - At our August 3 First Friday event we’ll be announcing the top three vote-getters of our July “Landscape” quilt exhibit. We can’t believe the number of votes that are coming in and expect to count about 2000! The comments from visitors from all over the world are fabulous and you’ll be able to read them on our website under News and then “Monthly Comments from the Gallery”.

September First Friday will be Friday, September 2 from 5 to 7 PM. Our Featured Quilter will Betty Ann Guadalupe and our group exhibit will be the Undercover Quilters.

QuiltWorks Website: Have you visited our website recently? Did you want to show someone a quilt from one of our exhibits? Our website is great and every month's exhibit and First Friday event are on our website under “Photo Blog”. Dave has created a Smilebox documenting quilts, friends, events, fun, classes and a lot more. Thanks for supporting QuiltWorks.
~Marilyn, Dave and the gals from QuiltWorks


Sew Many Quilts and Bernina Center

1375 SE Wilson #170, Bend                                     541-385-7166                                     www.sewmanyquiltsinbend.com

Thank you to everyone who attended our Open House on July 9th. We appreciate and value our local customers and hope that you had a great time and enjoyed our new look! Now that Quilt Show Week is behind us, we are looking forward to fall. We are planning some new and exciting classes for you and will be resuming our Blocks of the Month and various groups in August after we convert our classroom back into a classroom.

We have a wide selection of fun fabrics, patterns, and kits for you and will get many of them on our website as soon as possible. Our Autumn/Halloween section has lots of wonderful quilt and project ideas. Excitement abounds about the new Bernina 7 Series that will be here soon. There are three new machines, and as always, they are innovative. We also have several gently used machines with great pricing. Come on in to get the machine of your dreams.  Enjoy the rest of your summer!
~Happy Quilting!  Gail, Sharon, and Staff


Stitchin' Post

311 W Cascade, Sisters                                     541-549-6061                                     www.stitchinpost.com


Look for our new Fall/Winter Class Catalog!

Our new Fall 2012/Winter 2013 Catalog of Classes will arrive in mailboxes mid-August.  We have assembled a variety of classes from traditional…to modern…to truly artistic.  Look for our new “HEXA-mania” series of quilt classes!  New clubs and Block of the Month programs will be starting in September, plus an assortment of skill-builder classes, including:  sewing, mixed-media, knitting and crochet.  We’ve scheduled a year’s worth of workshops, with world-renowned instructors that you won’t want to miss. There truly is something for everyone!  “C-Ticket to Creativity” is back by popular demand~ for just $50, you can choose up to five of our more than 30 C-Ticket offerings!  

Don’t miss our Fall Preview Party on Saturday, August 25th (9 am-6 pm). Register for classes at the Preview Party or online and receive 10% tuition discount.  (Discount does not apply to clubs, workshops, retreats or special events.)  Go to www.stitchinpost.com/classes for online registration.

~Happy Quilting!   The Stitchin’ Post Staff


BJ's Quilt Basket

20225 Badger Road, Bend                                     541-383-4310                           www.bjsquiltbasket.com

Well – we certainly hope that the Quilt Show has inspired you all to get some quilting done, or plan a new project!!  I know that the teachers we had here got our team inspired!  We are going to teach some of their new patterns this fall, so keep watching for new classes soon!  We are doing our Sew & Tell Friday evening sewing classes in August, and also have a few great classes you may want to sign up for – Kaleidoscope – Honeypie - and a tablerunner.  In September Bette is back with a Twisted Braid.  See our website www.bjsquiltbasket.com for further details.  See you at BJ’s – It’s the quilting place to be! 

~ “The Inspiration Team” at BJ’s!


Cynthia’s Sewing Center

20225 Badger Road (inside BJ’s), Bend             541-383-1999                                     www.cynthiassewingcenter.com

Check our website for special classes, demonstrations and new products available.   We welcome you to visit our store for new product demos and information.

~Cynthia, Jerry, Lisa, Ann, Bob, Kris, and Elaine


High Mountain Fabric

1542 S Hwy 97, Redmond                                    541-548-6909                                    no website

20% off fabric with a minimum of 1/2 yard cut. Also, come and check out all the fabric that has moved to the clearance area!



Homestead Quilts

51425 Hwy. 97, La Pine                                    541-536-2360                                     www.homesteadquiltsonline.com

Come on down and see our new fabrics for spring and summer!

~Cathy and Staff


Material Girl Fabrics

515 SW Cascade Ave., Redmond                         541-923-1600                          www.material-girl-fabrics.com

We look forward to seeing you soon!

~Leslie and Staff


Morrows Sewing & Vacuum Center

304 NE 3rd St., Bend                                                 541-382-3882                                     www.morrowsewingandvacuum.com

We hope to see you soon!

~Happy Sewing---Karen