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Baby Receiving Blanket



1 ¼ yards flannel fabric for the front (Joann’s or similar quality flannel works well for this application)

1 ¼ yards flannel fabric for the back (I use white, but it can be any coordinating color)

Large cutting mat and rotary cutter

Sewing machine capable of simple decorative stitches (I use a honeycomb stitch pattern)

Basic sewing supplies


Wash and iron the two pieces of flannel fabric

Square up and fold the background fabric with selvages together.  Square up and fold the two cut ends together so fabric is ¼ its original size.  Line up the folded side along the zero line on the cutting mat and cut the selvage side along the 20 inch line.  Turn the fabric around, line up the fold on the zero line and cut the remaining open ragged edge along the 20 inch line.

Repeat the above instructions with the featured, from fabric, but cut the fabric along the 19 1/2 inch cutting line on the cutting mat.

Lay the background fabric on the table and smooth flat.  Lay the featured fabric on top with edges ½ inch inside the background fabric.  Smooth the fabrics together and pin the center of the two fabrics.

Cut about ½ inch off each corner of the background fabric, in a diagonal manner.

Starting at one corner, fold the background fabric over the top fabric along the edge, and fold again a second time to form a rolled edge.  Secure with a pin in the direction that can be pulled out easily wile sewing the edge down.  Continue rolling and securing the edges.

When you come to a corner, fold in the corner edge and secure with a pin.  Then roll the edges on both sides so they meet together over the folded corner.  Secure with pins.

With edges pinned, stitch the rolled edges with a decorative sewing stitch.

Secure the middle of the blanket with a short line of decorative stitches to keep fabric together.