A good friend is like a warm quilt wrapped around the heart.

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Quilting connects the past with the present and the future.

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July 2012


Editor: Kristin Shields           www.quiltsqq.com              President: Martha Sanders



Our Next Guild Meeting is Monday, July 16, 2012.

Please note this is the third Monday in July!

July Program- Member’s Show and Tell of Quilt Week Classes & Challenge Quilt Reveal

Fat Quarter drawing for July- Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie Yellow Polka Dot Bikini


President’s Message

Martha S.

Thank you to Lisa and Kayla for a great June meeting.  With so much business to cover I’m sure the wonder of the quilts you saw was more than enough to inspire you and grow in appreciation of our craft.  I had a wonderful trip to MA, NH, ME, and CT having fun with old friends and not having fun with a certain sewing machine as I struggled to complete a quilt.  I returned with a ready-to-bind quilt and a bit of my “Bahstin” accent.

This is the time of the year when all the quilt shops are abuzz with new fabric, books, kits and anticipation of big events.  Isn’t it exciting?  I went to Sisters to turn in my quilts and saw every hint that something special was coming in a few weeks.  I hope all of your stitches are perfectly tensioned, colors perfectly placed and that you’ve taken time to step back and admire your accomplished quilt.

If you have friends visiting in July, please bring them to the guild meeting July 16th.  This is the Monday following the Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show on the 14th.  Our program is “Our Member’s Show and Tell” with quilts or starts of quilts made during classes you’ve taken this year, especially at Quilters’ Affair or Quilt Festival and others.   It need not be a completed work, but we’d love to see what you’ve done.  Our ‘Favorite Children’s Book’ challenge quilts will be presented for your votes at this meeting too. 

On a very important note, I really need your help with our own quilt show.  Everyone with as little as one hour of time is urged to help.  You’ll have fun, meet members you don’t have a chance to have casual conversation with and spend time with your guild friends.  This show features some wonder-filled quilts from Joanne M., Janelle R., and Kristin S. as well as your quilts.  Can’t wait to see them!



You may know from any of your trips to a quilt show that the event is organized, fun and wonderful to attend.  For example, it sometimes takes 2 years in advance to prepare and produce the Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show.  Our shows organization happens within a calendar year.  It starts with a member apprentice working with the quilt show chair to help prepare for the event in the prior year and learn the tips and tricks for the following year.

As in one of my favorite Disney stories, The Sorcerer’s Apprentice, it takes a lot of brooms and one wizard to pull this event together.   There is a detailed amount of history and procedure available to anyone who can step up and take this on for next year.  Past show chairs offer their experience and support too.  You may contact me or any board member if you have questions about the duties and time involved as well as consulting the Guild’s Standing Rules.

Next year’s show is a special anniversary, the 30th annual event.  That doesn’t mean it’s any bigger or harder to prepare, just that it’s a milestone.  Would you please consider being this year’s apprentice and next year’s show chair?  Co-apprentices and co-chairs welcomed.  Thank you for considering this important and fun process.



Jane D. and Shannon P.

Darlene P. and Denise M. have volunteered to bring beverages and Kathe S., Marie J. and Krista E. have volunteered to bring snacks. If you find you are not able to bring what you volunteered to contribute, please call Jane D. or Shannon P.  The meeting begins at 6:45 pm.  As always, please turn your cell phones off before the meeting. 


2012 Quilt Challenge

Sylvia K. and Janelle R.

The Mt Bachelor Quilters’ Guild Challenge Quilt Event promises to be a really fun and interesting part of the July meeting and our Quilt Show in the Park.  Four different prizes will be awarded for different categories at the September meeting following the show.

Challenge quilt entries are due on or before the July 16th guild meeting date.  Please bring your quilt, including the book if possible, to the meeting in a brown paper bag.  Quilts will be logged in, given a number, and displayed for voting by the membership at the meeting.  The quilts will be returned to the participants at the end of the meeting.  The Friday before our quilt show please bring your quilt to the designated place for check-in.  A viewer’s choice judging will occur on the day of the show. Please retrieve the quilts at the end of the show.  Thank you for your participation. Please call Sylvia or Janelle if you have questions.


2012 Raffle Quilt

Susan M. (submitted by Martha S.)

You’ll agree that we’ve had wonderful programs this year with renowned speakers and have offered some fun and sometimes free workshops. The cost of these is supported by your membership dues and the raffle quilt ticket sales.   Two things needed – your help during Quilters Affair at the quilt shops in Bend/Redmond selling tickets and you’re encouraged to buy your share of raffle tickets if you haven’t done so already.   Contact me via email (it’s in the roster).  Thanks!


Quilt Show in the Park

Julia J.

MBQG Presents the 2012 “Quilt Show in the Park”

Saturday August 18, 2012

10 am to 4 pm


Our featured quilters this year are Kristin S. and Janelle R. I’m so excited to see their display of quilts. Look forward to reading their bios in our August Newsletter. If you don’t know these ladies and are unfamiliar with their work, you are in for a treat. Please help us to support these women in their fascinating world of Quilting!

Quilt Show 2012 – ‘A Tribute to Joanne M.’, one of our founders. It’s with great pleasure we share this opportunity to have such a talented, hardworking dedicated member with us. Joanne will have many of her quilts at our show. Didn’t she do a great job of wetting our appetite at our Guild meeting a few weeks back? Don’t miss the article on Joanne written by Kathleen G.   (When I grow up I want to be just like her!)

Be sure to read about the Boutique that’s been added to our Quilt Show… Our members have been working very hard so let’s show our support by telling friends and family members about this wonderful boutique and by buying raffle tickets in support of their efforts. I know you must know a young girl, a friend, a granddaughter, and a neighbor that would love to win that doll bed hand crafted for an 18” doll! Let’s talk it up ladies!!!


Don’t miss out! Come have fun with your friends and fellow members at Pioneer Park and let’s work together to put on a wonderful show…



Quilt Collection and Sales Table Collection Information

Friday, August 17, 2012, 10am – 3pm

Bend Parks & Recreation District Office ‘Community Room’.

The BPRD District Office is @ 799 SW Columbia Street located adjacent to Riverbend Park.


Quilt Collection:

Quilt entry forms will be available at the July Guild meeting. Please fill out your ‘Entry Form’ at home before you arrive with your quilts. This saves on time and confusion at check in. Please do not pin the forms onto your quilts. Our pinning committee will take care of that. If the forms are already attached, they will have to be removed (time consuming) and re-attached (this can cause a messy, wrinkled and sometimes torn form).

*Entry forms for quilts will be available at the July meeting or on-site at collection.


Sales Table Collection

Have some sewing supplies, books, fabric or anything else related to quilting that you’d like to sell? Have stuff laying around that you just don’t use and don’t know what to do with? This is your opportunity to clean out your closet and your sewing room. Bundle magazines, bag up notions (zip lock), and box up that day lamp that just doesn’t fit on your sewing table. Clean up your creative space, put a little change in your pocket and support our guild!!!

*Instructions and a sales item inventory form are posted on the Guild website.   A few copies of this information will be available at the July Guild meeting.


Quilt Show Day- Set Up and Break Down

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Pioneer Park in Bend, corner of Wall St. and Portland Ave.


We need lots of help for set-up and break down.

Help of husbands and teenagers would be appreciated for both set up and break down. The more help the better! It goes quickly and it’s lots of fun!!!

Set up: Please arrive at 7 am to help with set up. We need every able-bodied person we can get to set up the quilt frames and hang the quilts.  Coffee and donuts will be provided!

Break down: At 4:00 pm we will be taking down the quilts, taking apart the frames and loading up the truck.

*There’s no need for husbands to stay at the park all day – let them go play! They are definitely welcome to stay if they’d like. J


We still need volunteers for both days!

You’ll have another opportunity at the July meeting to sign up, or call/email Julia J. (541) 728-1286 / juliainjeans@yahoo.com to have your name added to the lists. Please be sure to give your first and last name with telephone number.


Friday August 17th at BPRD collection site:

  • · Quilt Collection time slots available: 11:00 – 1:00 and 1:00 to 3:00
  • · Quilt Pinning time slots available: 9:30 – 11:30, 11:00 – 1:00 and 1:00 –3:00               

Saturday August 18th at Pioneer Park:

  • ·  Sales Table Committee time available: 9:00-10:00 (Set Up), 10:00 – Noon, Noon – 2:00, 2:00 – 4:00 and 3:45 (Pack up items and load into vehicles for transport)
  • ·  Quilt return and pick up: 3 or 4 helpers needed: 3 pm to finish       


Most importantly, we need a Quilt Show Co-Chair Person!!! This position needs to be filled ‘pronto!’ This person will need to be present to observe all aspects of the show this year in order to Chair the 2013 Show. There isn’t much left to do this year but observe and make notes for next year. Please consider this position, as it’s a great opportunity to serve our guild members.


We are excited to start a new ‘Quilt Show Ambassador’ program this year. Yes, there’s room to sign up for that too!  See Kim M.’s article in this newsletter.


Oh yes, don’t forget about the potluck!!! Make your favorite dish to share. Better yet, make your quilting friends favorite dish! Last names A to L = Salads.  Last names M to Z = Main Dish. Those so inclined may bring a dessert as well.  If you can bring a cooler with ice that will help us keep the chilled dishes cold until they are needed.


Remember, if you have a MBQG t-shirt wear it to the show. It would also be appreciated if you’d wear your nametag during quilt show also.


Thank you to everyone who has signed up to work on the various committees.  If you have a suggestion about how some things might be done better this year, please contact Julia J.  Don’t forget to mark your calendars, and please ask your husbands to agree to help us with set-up and breakdown. 


A Tribute to Joanne M.- The Lucky Circle of Quilters has Joanne

Kathleen G.

Joanne’s life has been full of quilts.  Her mother made and loved quilts and collected quilts from both grandmothers and aunts –and so did she!

Like many of us, Joanne was intrigued with the “old treadle machine” and enjoyed playing with this machine when her mother was not trying to sew.  She would crawl under Grandma Butler’s quilt frame too.  Scraps were kept in a pillowcase and that was all it took to capture Joanne’s imagination.  From that bag, sprang her ideas to create quilts.  Joanne was the oldest daughter in a family of seven all living in a 14 room house on a big farm in Indiana.  There were rooms provided for the hired help who worked on the farm.  The farm provided lots of hard work, lots of fun and great memories, even during the Depression!  Joanne won a 4H Club scholarship which allowed her to attain a Home Economics degree at Purdue University.  There she met her husband Horace.  Together they raised four children, lived on a small lake and kept busy the next 35 years with everyone’s activities until they retired.  Her daughter and son-in-law had come to Oregon and told them that Bend “…looked like a good place to retire”.  So they have been in Bend for 25 years – Horace has enjoyed golf and Joanne found heaven for quilters!

Joanne has made many friends through quilting – Jean Wells of the Stitchin’ Post and Jinny Beyer, designer/teacher, as well as the late Joyce Coats of Mountain Country Mercantile.  During the 1970’s, tired of pastel and light colors, Joanne was introduced to Jinny Beyer.  From there Joanne’s color pallet changed to working with darker and more vivid colors.  From her collection of quilt books, Joanne “would tweak the traditional” and make something different.   Joanne relied on her own creativity.  For example, a double wedding ring quilt class I took from her several years ago, Joanne showed us an easier way to connect the rings!  Joanne has created, designed and taught many of us.  Her quilts have been published in national magazines for all to see.  She is currently a member of the “Journeys” quilt group, whom we know today is an amazing lady in her own right.  She is never afraid to share her talents, stories and some beautiful vintage quilts and coverlets too.


Quilt Show Ambassadors

Kim M.

Are you attending the Mt Bachelor Quilt Guild show this year?  If you are, we ask that you be an ambassador of the quilt show and the guild by being available to answer questions as you walk around the wonderful quilts.  If you hear people asking questions or looking lost please feel free to speak up and help them out.  This year we are handing out gloves so if people want to look more closely at the quilts they will be free to do so!  There will be volunteers roaming the grounds with the gloves.  All of us can be ambassadors, not just those "on duty"!  If you get a question that you are not able to answer please direct people to the membership / challenge quilt / raffle quilt area for more information.  The quilt show is a great opportunity to get people interested in joining our guild!


Quilt Show Boutique

Mary Ann B.

Thriving is a good description of our Boutique.  It is doing well with lots of items for sale.  We can always use more and we have one remaining sewing session for construction of items before our Quilt Show.  That sewing session is July 24th from 10:00 to 4:30pm at the Bend Park and Rec Community Room.  The address is 799 SW Columbia Street near the Old Mill District.  Come and spend time with us.

Some people prefer to create at home and we welcome that opportunity as well.  Some of the patterns for the items are on the Web under Boutique.  For sale, we have baby receiving blankets, hot pads, needle cases, individual block display stands, luggage tags, luggage handles, ID/passport/cell phone holders, 18” doll clothes, thread catchers, little wallets, embroidered tea towels, and pin cushions.  Please come and help us create more beautiful items for our Boutique.  If you have questions, please call me, Mary Ann B., at 541-312-9513 or e-mail me at topsytavern@yahoo.com


Raffle for the 18” Doll Bed and Bedding-  Karen Kimball and her father have built a beautiful bed for an 18” doll plus a mattress, pillows, and a quilt.  It is any girl’s dream bed for her doll.  The cost is $1.00 for one ticket or $5.00 for six tickets.  A little girl in your life would love to use this bed for her doll.  Plan on purchasing a few tickets at the July meeting or at the Quilt Show on August 18th. 


Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show Liaison

Candy W.


Don't miss out on these special events before and after the show:


  • ·     
  • ·     
  • ·     


Around the Block

Kristin S.

There are many wonderful reasons to visit the Sisters Fiber Arts Stroll this year, not the least of which is that four of our very own guild members (including yours truly!) are participating artists.  The Stroll is on Sunday, July 8, 12-4pm all around downtown Sisters.  See you there!


Joanne M.      Handmade Fabric This & That                   at Ear Expressions

Janelle R.       Fabric Dyeing                                         behind The Hen’s Tooth

Suzette S.      Embellished Crazy Quilt Art                        at Sisters Log Furniture

Kristin S.        Slow Cloth Techniques                              behind The Hen’s Tooth


Community Quilts

 Karen F. Diana L. and Jane D.

Thank you to everyone who came to the June Community Quilts gathering.   We made a mess of the room with strips of many colors.   It will be fun to see the resulting quilts over the next several months.

Also, we send a big thank you to the 5 women who took home the tops/batting/backing kits at our June meeting.   We appreciate the help with quilting these donated tops.   We have more donated tops and will plan to bring more "kits" to future meetings in the hope that other members will help finish them.  

The July Community Quilt session will be on July 18th--the Wednesday after the Guild meeting.   As usual, we will be at Nativity Lutheran Church at the corner of Knott and Brosterhaus, starting at 11 and finishing by 2:30 or 3.   Bring your lunch and machine or handwork.    Anytime, if you have questions about what we do, or if you need backing material or batting, please come on a Wednesday to the church or call/email one of us.   

Finally, the Wednesday group will not be sewing at the church on July 4th due to the holiday.   


Community Food Drive

Diana L.

Each month we appreciate the donations to the Food Pantry.  On Tuesday, June 19th, 23 bags of groceries were distributed from the Food Pantry.  This helps many people get through the week.  July items for the pantry are canned peaches and pears.  We accept any food or money donations.  Thank you!


Our Guild Library

Linda M.

The raffle book for July is Prairie-Point Pizzaz by Karen Sievert.  This book describes an innovative and easy technique for inserting prairie points along with any half-square or quarter-square triangle in a quilt pattern to add dimension.  Tickets are $1 each/$5 for 6.  The following books added to the library were donated by members:  Weathered Vanes, A Folk Art Collection of Quilts and Hooked Rugs by Laurene Sinema and Janet Carruth; Piecing, Expanding the Basics by Ruth B. McDowell; The Crazy Quilt Handbook by Judith Montano; Rotary Cutting Companion for Feathered Star Quilts by Marsh McCloskey; and Spools and Tools Wallhanging by Wendy Gilbert.  There will be a selection of library books to check out and you may return books at the meeting.  Thank you for your support of the Guild library.



Kayla H.

July- This month we will have a video from the Mt Bachelor Quilters' Guild 2011 Quilt Show.  Also, we will have plenty of time for a large show and tell.  Please bring your finished works or works in progress from any class or retreat this year including anything from the week of Quilters' Affair. 

August- This month is our Quilt Show in the Park.  Please see the information in the newsletter about the show.

September- Cheryl Malkowski will be here from Roseburg, Oregon.  Cheryl has a background in floral design and has written numerous books.  Cheryl is also passionate about teaching and there will also be a workshop, which you can find out more about in the Workshop section of the newsletter.

Find out more about Cheryl at http://www.cherylmalkowski.com/

October- Wendy Hill and Pat Pease will be here to present a program.  Both are quilters from Central Oregon and have a wealth of information to share with us.



Lisa N.

There's still time to sign up for the Twisted Ribbons workshop with Cheryl Malkowski on Monday, September 10 from 10 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. at the Bend Park and Rec building.  The cost for the full day workshop is $43.  If interested, please send your check to Lisa N (see the roster for address), or give your check to the treasurer at the July meeting (Lisa N. will not be able to attend).  This workshop features beautiful colors that twist into a rainbow of sorts - it is really beautiful and Cheryl will offer lots of piecing tricks.  I think you'll really enjoy this one!

If you feel a little color challenged or just want to learn more about color, value, and composition to help your quilts sing, the "Color and Design Play" workshop is just for you!  Lead by Wendy Hill and Pat Pease from Sunriver, you'll leave with a treasure trove of information - and you won't have another UFO as this is a day to spend playing with colors and textures through a series of challenges.  The price will be based on how many people sign up and will be determined in July so if you think you might be interested, let Lisa N. know.


Caring Corner

Libby S.


We were very sorry that Renee P. fell as she was leaving the June guild meeting.  We hope she is feeling better now.  If you have any news among our guild members or previous members, such as births, weddings, illness or passing, please contact Libby S. 541-330-8186 (eseitz@bendbroadband.com) and a card will be mailed on behalf of our Guild.



Kate M., Kim M., Loesje A., Catherine E. and Gayle G.


Lucky June Raffle Winners- Thank you to all the donors!

BJ’s Quilt Basket                    6 Fat Quarters                                    Kathleen G

Cynthia’s Sewing Center           Gift Certificate                                    Sylvia K

High Mountain Fabrics              Stitching Whimsy Book                         Julie J

Homestead Quilts                    Making Cloth Dolls Book                       Susan O

Morrow’s Sewing Center            Gift Certificate                                    Candy W

The Quilt Shack                       Gift Card                                            Susan M

Sew Many Quilts                      Gift Certificate                                    Gail K

Stitchin’ Post                           Gift Certificate                                    Jan D

Material Girl Fabrics                  Gift Certificate                                   Mary Ann L

Quilter’s Attic                           Fat Quarters                                    Darlene P

QuiltWorks                              Gift Card                                          Rosie W

Thread Dancing                        Gift Certificate                                    Bev P

Thread Dancing                        Gift Certificate                                  Mary Ann B

Fat Quarter Drawing                                                                       Anita F

Library Drawing                                                                              Jane D


July Birthday Wishes- Happy Birthday to All!

JoJo P.              7/4

Carol C.             7/13

Sadie R.            7/15

Shereen A.         7/24

Elizabeth E.        7/26

Sally W.             7/27

Phyllis V.E.          7/28

Lisa N.               7/29

Loretta S.           7/30

Dates to Remember


Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show                                                                                    July 14, 2012

Downtown Sisters, Saturday 9:30-5:00  www.sistersoutdoorquiltshow.org/


Mountain Meadow Quilters: Sunriver Quilt Show                                                August 4, 2012

The Village at Sunriver.


MBQG Quilt Show in the Park                                                                                      August 18, 2012

Save the date for our annual quilt show, a fun and inspiring event! We’ll have over 100 quilts, featured quilters, a challenge quilt display and the drawing for our raffle quilt.  This event requires participation from all of us, so be sure to see Clipboard Alley for the sign-ups!


Pacific West Quilt Show                                                                                                August 25-26, 2012

Greater Tacoma Convention and Trade Center, Tacoma, WA.  Entry submissions due April 20, 2012.  For more information see the website:  www.apwq.org


Whale of a Quilt Show                                                                                                September 28-30, 2012

Ocean Shores Convention Center, Ocean Shores, WA.  Friday and Saturday 10-5, Sunday 10-3.  www.seapalsquilters.org.




With Thanks to our Sponsoring Shops

(Alphabetically by store name, rotated monthly)


The Quilt Shack

1211 NW Madras Hwy, Prineville                                     541-447-1338                                     www.thequiltshack.com


Happy 4th of July!  Prineville had a wonderful 17th Annual Quilt Show.  Thank you for joining us, we hope you enjoy the show.  The Quilt Shack will be open on the 4th of July, 10am to 2pm, for our Famous Hot Dog & Fabric Sale!  Come join us for lunch and win free fabric, books, patterns & notions.  There is always something fun going on at the Quilt Shack.  Plus, with Christmas around the corner....we have Christmas in July classes, specials, holiday fabrics & flannels 20% to 50% off.


We just started our summer hours:  Monday & Saturday 10am - 4pm, Tuesday - Friday 10am - 5:30pm, and now open on Sundays 10am - 2pm July/August only.  We have special hours also for the Sister's Quilt Show Week, for more information please go to www.thequiltshack.com.


Have a wonderful summer, and remember we are just around the corner.

~Rhonda, Family and Friends



926 NE Greenwood Ave., Bend                         541-728-0527                                     www.quiltworks.com


QuiltWorks Quilt Gallery’s First Friday Reception will be July 6, from 5 to 7 PM.  The Featured Quilter Donna Rice whose work communicates an abstract expression of a timeless tradition.  The theme exhibit will be “Landscape Quilts”, from Central Oregon quilters. Both exhibits will be up until August 1. Our non-profit partner for July will be the Central Oregon Modern Quilt Guild. Come learn more about the “modern movement”.

July Gallery Exhibit - We are excited as always to show off our gallery and during the month of July we are inviting visitors to vote for their favorite “Landscape Quilt”. We’ll award gift certificates for the top three vote-getters. So be sure to visit our gallery and vote for your favorite quilt.

August First Friday will be Friday, August 3rd from 5 to 7 PM. Our Featured Quilter will be Joan Metzger from Sunriver and our group exhibit will be an exhibit from the Portland and Central Oregon Modern Quilt Guilds.

Longarm Quilting - Don't forget that we offer longarm quilting at our shop. We have two excellent quilters, Julia Jeans and Kim McCray. Both are great, creative and work with you on designs and colors.

Non-Profit Partners - During our First Friday receptions we invite non-profits to share information with our guests. If you are part of an organization that would like to reach out to more folks, let marilyn@quiltworks know and we’ll find a month that fits with your organization.

Thanks for supporting QuiltWorks.
~Marilyn, Dave and the gals from QuiltWorks


Sew Many Quilts and Bernina Center

1375 SE Wilson #170, Bend                                     541-385-7166                                     www.sewmanyquiltsinbend.com


Hello to all our Quilting Friends:  July is such a fun, yet busy month at the shop. Our classroom will be closed until August 1 as we convert it to an additional display area.


We have been receiving new fabrics daily and just for you batik lovers, we have greatly expanded this section. With such beautiful new fabrics, you can’t fail to find the perfect ones for your latest project. Come in and take advantage of our wonderful selection of fabrics and all things quilt-related before all our Quilt Show visitors arrive in our beautiful Central Oregon.


We want to invite all of you, our loyal local customers, to our annual pre-Quilt Show Open House on Monday, July 9th from 5-8pm. Come enjoy refreshments, visit with other quilters and preview all the fun new products, quilts, quilt kits, displays and more that we have for you. You may even win one of several door prizes.


Please remember the tremendous amount of work it takes for the Stitchin’ Post to put on the Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show. Volunteer to help if you are able and recruit other family members, husbands, and friends, also.


~Happy Quilting!  Gail, Sharon, and Staff


Stitchin' Post

311 W Cascade, Sisters                                     541-549-6061                                     www.stitchinpost.com

Inventory Levels are at Their Peak!

Come in while selection is at its finest: fabric, books, patterns, notions and beautiful items for the home.  You won’t believe this year’s inventory of batiks, solids and Kaffe & Company’s contemporary prints…the largest selection in Central Oregon!


Don’t miss out on this year’s line of Quilt Show merchandise, featuring the artwork of Kathy Deggendorfer.  We have tee shirts, posters, fabric panels, tote bags, mugs, and ornaments.


“The Men Behind the Quilts” Calendar is Here!

Stop by the Stitchin’ Post and pick up a copy of the 18-month calendar ($12) featuring some of Sisters’ most familiar faces and quilts from several of Central Oregon’s favorite quilt artists.


It’s not too late to reserve tickets for the
Men Under the Quilts Calendar Premiere Party & Fundraiser

Tuesday, July 10th at 7:00 pm

Sisters Art Works at 204 W. Adams Street

To order tickets ($10) go to:


~Happy Quilting!   The Stitchin’ Post Staff


BJ's Quilt Basket

20225 Badger Road, Bend                                  541-383-4310                           www.bjsquiltbasket.com


Festival count-down has begun!  We do still have room in some of our classes, and love it when our locals join us in these classes – please take a look on our website to see what is still available at www.bjsquiltbasket.com – don’t forget we are bringing in an out of town teacher that will be very interesting –Elisa Wilson will present her trunk show on Wednesday, July 11, from 5-7pm and it’s only $20.00, she is the queen of curves, and her trunk show will be very informative!!  Don’t forget we will still call this a class and in addition you will save 15% off anything you buy that evening!!   If you can’t make it to Festival – then try any one of the following; either our Rag Quilt class on July 20th, Kaleidoscope, on July 27th (not the class you think it is!), Basic Binding on July 25th 5-7pm, or just join our Sew & Tell to finish some UFO’s on either the 20th or 27th.


Make sure you stop by very soon – prior to Festival if you can, to view all our new Christmas fabric lines that have just arrived!!  I know it’s hard to believe you need to start thinking about winter when summer has only just begun, but it would be the quilting thing to do, right?!  We’ll see you at BJ’s – it the quilting place to be!! 

~ “The Inspiration Team” at BJ’s!


Cynthia’s Sewing Center

20225 Badger Road (inside BJ’s), Bend             541-383-1999              www.cynthiassewingcenter.com


Check our website for special classes, demonstrations and new products available.   We welcome you to visit our store for new product demos and information.

~Cynthia, Jerry, Lisa, Ann, Bob, Kris, and Elaine


High Mountain Fabric

1542 S Hwy 97, Redmond                                    541-548-6909                                    no website


High Mountain Fabrics will have extended hours from 9 - 5:30 during Quilt Show Week. The store will also be open on Monday for that week and the week after Quilt Show. Come in and see all our wonderful new fabrics!


Homestead Quilts

51425 Hwy. 97, La Pine                                    541-536-2360                           www.homesteadquiltsonline.com


Come on down and see our new fabrics for spring and summer!

~Cathy and Staff


Material Girl Fabrics

515 SW Cascade Ave., Redmond                         541-923-1600                          www.material-girl-fabrics.com


Material Girl got a great deal on extra wide backing cotton, so for the month of July it will be on sale for 25% off!!!!  The week of the Sister's Quilt Show, from July 8 - July 15, everything in the store will be 10%off.

~Leslie and Staff


Morrows Sewing & Vacuum Center

304 NE 3rd St., Bend                                                 541-382-3882              www.morrowsewingandvacuum.com


Hi Central Oregon Quilters!

It’s time for the Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show again.  Once again, Morrow’s Sewing & Vacuum Center is a corporate sponsor for the show.  As most of you know we have been sponsoring the show for the last 18 years.   This is the best time of year to purchase a new sewing machine.   Babylock is co-sponsoring the show with us this year.  The machines that are borrowed by the out of town students are available at spectacular discounts.  We began our pre-sale of these machines the first week in June.  If you are interested in HUGE SAVINGS, stop in and let our knowledgeable staff show you the machine of your dreams at spectacular savings!  Don’t let these huge saving go to all the out of town quilters, pre-purchase your new machine today!

~Happy Sewing---Karen


Quilters Attic

8154 11th ST.  Suite #1, Terrebonne                        541-548-8119              www.quiltersattic.net

Drive up to Terrebonne to see our new fabrics!

~Kathy & friends