A good friend is like a warm quilt wrapped around the heart.

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Quilting connects the past with the present and the future.

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            June 2013


Editor: Kristin S.                       www.quiltsqq.com              President: Shannon P.


June 10th Program- 30th Anniversary Celebration

Don’t forget your nametag, show and tell and food drive donation.

Fat Quarter drawing for June- White on White


President’s Message

Shannon P.

Happy Spring!  Wait that's not right.  Happy Summer!  Wait, it was in the 30's last night. Happy Spr-ummer!!!  As school closes down for the year, I get more and more excited for extra sewing time.  I already have projects lined up!  Hopefully this summer, you'll have time to balance the beautiful weather here in Central Oregon with time indoors sewing.  You could even take some hand work and go to the park!
I'm also excited to see our 30th anniversary show on the 10th.  Lots of fun pictures and stories to tell!

Hospitality for the June 10 Guild Meeting

Erin B. and Lindsey K.

Loretta S. and Darlene P. have volunteered to bring beverages and Gayle G., Jane G., and Sally F. have volunteered to bring snacks. If you find you are not able to bring what you volunteered to contribute, please call Erin B. or Lindsey K.  The meeting begins at 6:45 pm.  As always, please turn your cell phones off before the meeting. 


2013 MBQG 30th Anniversary Celebration- June 10

Rosie W. and Kathleen G.

We are looking forward to our Anniversary Celebration Historical program this month. Shannon P. has agreed to be our Master of Ceremonies and Kayla H. has put together a fun slide show. If you see any past guild members, please encourage them to attend. The usual guest fee will not be charged for this program. If you are comfortable walking up the path, please park in the Cascade Medical parking lot adjacent to Partners in Care.


New Member Tea

Kim McCray

The new member tea was held on May 22nd at QuiltWorks.  Many new members came and we enjoyed a special time of getting to know one another and show and tell.  Marilyn gave out some door prizes.  We appreciate her hosting this event!

2013 Quilt Raffle Ticket Sales- Tickets available at the June 10 Guild Meeting

Mary Ann B.

We are one-third of the way to selling all the tickets for the raffle quilt!  Thank you for your purchases.  During quilt week the raffle quilt will be placed at QuiltWorks on Wednesday and Thursday and at BJ’s on Friday.    Please check your calendars so that when the clipboard is passed around during the June Guild meeting you will know if you can sign up for a 2-hour time.  Please bring cash or your checkbook to purchase tickets. 


2013 Quilt Challenge-Quilts Due July 15

Rosie W. and Kathleen G. for Sylvia K.

Only six more weeks to finish quilts for our challenge, Memories of Mt. Bachelor Quilt Guild! They need to be brought to the July 15th meeting.  We guild members have had so much fun together, in classes, meetings, workshops, and retreats.  Think back over your experiences and try to remember some FUN thing that you can make into a quilt! If you like deadlines and decide to start one now, the dimensions for the quilt are to be a minimum of 36 inches on any side and a maximum of 60 inches on any one side.  Participants can use any type of technique but all work must be done only by the entrant.

2013 30th Anniversary Mt. Bachelor Quilt Show in the Park- August 10

Susan M.

Wow!   We are getting close to our 30th Anniversary Quilt Show---just a couple of months away!   We’ll get started on our Anniversary Celebration with the wonderful program planned for our June meeting. 

We are pretty well set for the main chairpersons for the show, but please sign up any empty slots on the clipboard for any area you can help.  Both longtime and NEW members are welcome AND needed to make this our best show yet! 


I will have forms for the SALES TABLE and QUILT LABELS ready for you at the June meeting.   Please remember, you will donate 10% of anything sold at the show to the guild (non-member sales donate 15%).   Now is the time to go through those magazines, fabric, etc. to sell at the Sales Table to make room for more! 

Quilt collection will take place the day before the show, Friday, August 9th at Parks and Rec.  We need many volunteers that day to help with intake of quilts and for organization and pinning.


At 7:00 am on quilt show day, we need every able-bodied person we can get to set up the quilt frames and hang the quilts.  For set up, we need many more people than will fit on a sign-up sheet!  And we need LOTS of husbands (and/or sons) for the heavier work.  Please just show up at the park, and join in the fun!


At 4:00 pm on quilt show day, we need lots of people to take down the quilts and take down the frames.  This always goes very quickly, and again we need husbands.  No need to stay at the park all day.


Quilt Education Program

Lisa N.

Thanks to all the Guild members who gave presentations to local elementary school students and Girl Scouts this school year!  Thanks to your support of our quilt education program, we were able to reach over 300 second grade students in schools throughout Bend as well as a Girl Scout troop and nine at risk girls living in a residential treatment center. Catherine A., Martha S., Pris B., and Kayla H. deserve special recognition for bringing quilts to life for these kids.  Unfortunately, we had to turn several classes away due to a lack of volunteers.  With your help, next year we can reach even more kids and share our knowledge and love of quilting with them.

Community Food Drive for the June 10 Guild Meeting

Diana L.

For June, we are donating Spaghetti Sauce.  Please bring a jar of sauce to the guild meeting and support the Food Pantry at Nativity Lutheran Church.  We use the church hall for Community Quilting and appreciate having such a nice, large area.  The church requests that we help with their Food Pantry by donating food or money.  Thank you for all the support!


Community Quilts- Next Meeting June 12, 11-3 at Nativity Lutheran Church

Jane D., Diana L., Bev P., Lora F., or Jean M.

The Guild has received 3 letters of thanks following our recent distribution of quilts.   They are from The Kids Center, Ronald McDonald House, and the Cascade Youth and Family Center.  The letters show how much the quilts we make are appreciated. Thanks to all of you!

The regular Community Quilts gathering will be on Wednesday, June 12th, at Nativity Lutheran Church, starting at 11 and ending close to 3.    We don't have a special event planned for June, so you can bring whatever community quilt project you are already working on, or come prepared to start a new one using one of our kits or the fabric we have in the bins.   Bring your sewing machine and supplies, as well as your lunch.  We'd love to see you.


Nativity Lutheran Church is located at the corner of SE Brosterhaus and SE Knott.   There are additional directions to the church on the Guild's website.


Our Guild Library

Linda M.

The June raffle book is Scrap Quilts Fit for a Queen, or a King, Twin or Lap! by Sally Schneider.  The queen of scrappy quilts has written a book which gives directions for a variety of sizes for every pattern.  Tickets are $1 each or 6 for $5. The new book added to the library this month is More Loose Change, 14 quilts from Nickels, Dimes and Fat Quarters, by Claudia Plett and Lee Ann Weaver.  Books donated by members added to the library this month are Seasonal Samplers, Autumn and Winter, by Debbie Mumm and Nature’s Christmas by Debbie Mumm.  There will also be a limited number of donated books which are free to Guild members.  Stop by the library table to check them out.  Thank you for your support of the Guild Library.


Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show (SOQS) News- July 13

Martha S.

Our exhibit entries for the quilt show are complete and I think we have a great representation of our viewers’ choice and challenge winners as well as several very special award winners from national shows.    Good news!  We will have the quilt frame at our site for hand quilting demos and visitor interaction.   

I want to extend a sincere thank you to all of you who signed up to volunteer at the show.   This is so important. The quilt show and the many quilt shops may be some of the attraction that drew you to Central Oregon and supporting the show with time and treasure reinforces that.   There is still a need for volunteers in many different ways and days.  Please visit the website www.sistersoutdoorquiltshow.org  for more volunteer opportunities found listed under ‘support’ on the home page.



Kayla H.

June- This month the Anniversary Program will be presented. The committee has been working hard. Please invite any past members, as they may enjoy this program.  Please have them RSVP to MBQG.30years@gmx.com


July- This week fabric designer Violet Craft will be here.  Violet is a licensed designer for Michel Miller Fabrics and distributes her own line of sewing patterns. Check out more here: http://blog.violetcraft.com/ Also, don't forget your show and tell from quilt week!


August- Quilt show is this month. No regular member meeting.


September- Joen Wolfrom will be here to present our program.  Joen's work focuses on color and design. Check out more here: http://joenwolfrom.com/


Workshops- Next Workshop September 9

Linda G.

The next scheduled guild workshop will be held on Monday, September 9th with our guest instructor Joen Wolfrom.   Based on the poll we took at the last meeting, “Creating a Scene with Pizzazz” was the top pick among the members.  We will be sharing this workshop with the Mountain Meadows Guild of Sunriver, which gives each guild 10 seats in the class.  A sign-up sheet will be passed around at the June and July meetings.  If more than 10 people sign up, names will be drawn for the attendees, and a waiting list will be formed.  If you would like to sign up but cannot make the June or July meetings, please contact Linda Greenough and you will added to the sign-up sheet.


Caring Corner

Libby S.

Catherine E. had hand surgery on both hands and is getting around town with quilting sisters giving her rides to different functions.  A card was sent to Alice P. because she has been having some health issues.

Please contact Libby S. with any news of current or former guild members.


Quilts for Oklahoma Tornado Victims:  Moore Love

Shannon P.

The OKC Modern Quilters are asking for quilts to donate to the victims of the May 20th F-5 Tornado that devastated Moore, OK.  Here’s the blurb directly from them:

“We know you want something tangible to go to the victims of these horrific tornadoes.  We have had many offers of completed quilts, and due to limited man power on our end, we have decided to ask everyone to send completed quilts to our guild rather than blocks.  It could be a quilt you have waiting for a good home, a new one you want to make special just for someone in need, it can be modern, traditional, any size, any colors, made by an individual or a group.  You send us your completed quilts and we will get them to those in need.  Quilts will be due to the OKC Modern Quilt Guild by June 30th.  If you e-mail us at okcmqg@gmail.com we will get an address to you.”


Small Group Focused on Landscape Quilts

MaryElla S.

Want to meditate in shady retreats, view vistas of beauty or watch the sun setting on distant mountains?  Then join a quilt group interested in creating landscapes and quilt your own unique place.  Contact MaryElla S.  marytunes@yahoo.com, 541-639-8441


March Door Prize Winners

BJ's Quilt Basket

Gift Card


Marie J.

Cynthia's Sewing Center

Gift Card


Kathleen G.

High Mountain Fabric



Susan O.

Homestead Quilts



Barb P.

Morrow's Sew and Vacuum Center

Gift Card


Kayla H.

Sew Many Quilts

Gift Card


Shannon P.

Stitchin’ Post

Gift Card


Lani S.

Material Girl Fabrics

Gift Card


Mary R.

The Quilter’s Attic

Gift Card


Kathy C.


Gift Card


Mary Ann B.


May Door Prizes

Guild Library Drawing                                       Loesje A.

Fat Quarter Drawing                                         Suzi T.

Stitchin’ Post                                                       Linda G.

Cynthia’s Sewing Center                                         Pris B.

Material Girl Fabrics                                              Jane D.

Morrow’s Sew and Vacuum Center                           Shereen A.

Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show                                     Corni Q.

Quilters’ Attic                                                       June B.

Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show                                      Joanne M.

Homestead Quilts                                                  Linda M.

High Mountain Fabric                                              Judie D.

QuiltWorks                                                           Julia J.

Sew Many Quilts                                                   Sadie R.

BJ’s Quilt Basket                                                   Diana L.

Modern Quilt Design Tickets                                    Barb P.

Blazing Star Membership                                        Carol L.                                                           

Sisters Outdoor Quilt Raffle Tickets                          Ardie Y.

                                                                        Lora F.

                                                                        Marge R.


June Birthday Wishes- Happy Birthday to All!

Suzanne H. 6/1

Cindy O. 6/4

Suzette S. 6/7

Sandi S. 6/9

Diane O. 6/10

Gayle G. 6/18

Leslie M. 6/20

Sandie W. 6/20

June B. 6/23

Mary F. 6/23


Guild Dates to Remember

Guild Meeting- Program: 30th Anniversary Celebration                                       June 10

Community Quilts at Nativity Lutheran Church                                                     June 12

Guild Meeting- Program:  Violet Craft, Challenge Quilts Due                             July 15

Quilt and Sales Table Collection- Park and Rec Room                                           August 9

MBQG Quilt 30th Anniversary Show in the Park- Pioneer Park                         August 10

Guild Workshop- Joen Wolfrom                                                                                   September 9

Guild Meeting- Program:  Joen Wolfrom                                                                   September 9


Other Dates to Remember

Those Painted Hills:  Country Quilt Show in Prineville                                         June 28 & 29

$2 admission (12 and under free), 12-7:30 Friday, 9-5 Saturday, Crooked River Elementary Gym, Corner of Third and Fairview in Prineville, OR

La Pine Needle Quilters Frontier Days Quilt Show                                               July 4-6

Free admission, 10am-7pm, La Pine Park & Rec Event Center

5th Annual Quilt Show at Ranch Chapel                                                                   July 6

Free admission, 10am-4pm., Ranch Chapel, 5060 Clubhouse Rd, Crooked River Ranch, OR

Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show                                                                                         July 13

Redwood Empire Quilters Guild- Heart of the Redwoods Quilt Show               July 20-21

Admission: $8 Adults, $6 Seniors, 12 & Under free, Saturday 10am-5pm, Sunday 10am-4pm, Redwood Acres Fairgrounds, free parking, 3750 Harris St., Eureka, CA,  www.reqg.com

Sunriver Quilt Show                                                                                                       August 3

The Rhododendron Quilt Guild:  A Wave of Quilts                                                 August 9 & 10

Entries due July 1:  www.rodyquilt.info.  10-5 Friday, 10-4 Saturday, Florence Event Center, 715 Quince, Florence, OR.


With Thanks to our Sponsoring Shops

(Alphabetically by store name, rotated monthly)


The Quilt Shack

1211 NW Madras Hwy, Prineville                                     541-447-1338                                     www.thequiltshack.com

The Quilt Shack is opening a Second Location!

Where?  In Sisters, Oregon for the summer starting

June 1, 2013 and through the end of August…3 months of fun!


The Quilt Shack in Prineville has been in business for 5 years, it has been suggested that the shop consider moving closer to traveler’s routes. Now the time has come and The Quilt Shack is ready to open a second location in Sisters for three months only.  We hope this will help our following to make it easier and yet a little help with the gas budget.


The Quilt Shack in Sisters, Oregon is located at 370 E. Cascade Avenue; it’s right on the strip.  We are bringing western, outdoorsy, & farming quilting fabrics. Shoppers will find the same country charm and energy that has always been in their Prineville shop where everyone is greeted with a smile and treated as they are top priority!


Prineville Location: 1211 NW Madras Hwy 26, the Prineville shop will maintain its regular business hours and continue to offer quilting fabrics, classes, books, patterns, notions, gifts and online shopping (with FREE shipping anywhere in the USA). Over 2,000 bolts of quality fabrics includes: Western prints, novelty, outdoor scenic art, beautiful batiks, holiday designs, a large color wall, flannels, minky, fleece and so much more!


For more information, call Rhonda Krider at 541-447-1338, or email info@thequiltshack.com. Plus, go online at: http://www.thequiltshack.com/aboutus.html or visit The Quilt Shack on Facebook


Enjoy the summer,

Rhonda & family

~Rhonda, family and friends 



926 NE Greenwood Ave., Bend                         541-728-0527                                     www.quiltworks.com

QuiltWorks Gallery Our June Featured Quilter will be Karen Donobedian. Karen is a strong art quilter that has had many quilts in national shows. Our group exhibit will be the Two Rivers Three Sisters quilts, 17 quilts depicting the Wild and Scenic Whychus Creek.


QuiltWorks First Friday - June 7 will be our First Friday reception honoring our Featured Quilter Karen Donobedian and the Two Rivers Three Sisters quilters. The event will be from 5 to 7 PM, featuring appetizers, refreshments, door prizes and a sale.


July Gallery - Our Featured Quilter for July will be Donna Cherry. Donna is well known in Central Oregon for her incredible art quilts. Our theme exhibit for July will be Celebrations! Any quilt that recognizes Celebrations! will be welcomed. That’s a big open field; fun, colorful, bright, you name it! In July we invite our viewers to vote for their favorite quilt and prizes are awarded to the top three vote-getters.


November Inspirations Small Quilt Show - Our November gallery will features a unique quilt show inviting our customers to exhibit small quilts, no larger than 172” perimeter for our first annual show with prizes awarded. Quilters are invited to exhibit quilts in the following categories: pieced, appliqued, mixed and collaborative (more than one person including machine quilting). Throughout the month of November viewers will be invited to vote for their favorite quilt in each category. We are asking for quilts that have not been exhibited in the gallery before and have been made within the last two years. We will be limiting the number of quilts we can take in each category and will have registration forms available soon. We are looking forward to our new annual November Inspirations Small Quilt Show and invite you to join us!


Thanks for being a QuiltWorks friend!

 ~Marilyn, Dave and the gals from QuiltWorks


Sew Many Quilts and Bernina Center

1375 SE Wilson #170, Bend                                     541-385-7166                                     www.sewmanyquiltsinbend.com

We had a great time at Spring Quilt Market in Portland. So many new products, patterns, fabrics, quilts, and ideas!!! We have lots of new items coming into the shop, including 80+ new bolts of batiks. We have added numerous new store samples and kits and will continue to do so. Come experience our mini quilt show.

Our Freedom Rings Block of the Month starts May 29th. If you haven't signed up for this stunning, patriotic quilt, be sure to call the shop right away. You can still join.

Hope that you are enjoying our Central Oregon Spring.

~Gail, Sharon, and Our Terrific Staff


Stitchin' Post

311 W Cascade, Sisters                                     541-549-6061                                     www.stitchinpost.com

Don’t Miss Out on Fabulous Fall Workshops!

Judy Robertson~             Basic Fabric Dyeing                    Aug 10 & 11, 2013

Innovative Dye Techniques                                                 Aug 13-16, 2013

Jean Wells~            Journey To Inspired Art Quilting            Sep 15-17, 2013

Make Your Mark                                                               Nov 4-8, 2013

Patty Hawkins~        Collage the Essence of Landscapes, Colors & Shapes           Sep 23-27, 2013

Hilde Morin~            In and Around Town                          Sep 23-25, 2013

                                    Quilt In a Bowl                             Sep 26 & 27, 2013

Susan Carlson~            Fabric Images                              Sep 23-27, 2013

David Taylor~            Pictorial Appliqué                              Oct 14-16, 2013

                                    Photoshop for Quilters (lecture)        Oct 17, 2013

Tonye Phillips~            City Livin’                                         Nov 14, 2013


Inventory Levels Are at Their Peak!

Stop by to see our fantastic selection of merchandise coming in for Quilt Show!  Local customers can take advantage of the best selection before Quilt Show visitors come to town…isn’t it great being a Central Oregon quilter? Stitchin’ Post has the largest selection of batiks, solids, Kaffe Fassett and contemporary prints in Central Oregon!


What’s new in June…

More Christmas prints & flannels ~ New lines of contemporary fabric: “Mellow Yellow,” “Glimma,” “Just Color,” ”Hand Picked” and “Hello Dahlia” ~  More Kaffe & stripes ~ Halloween & Juvenile novelty prints ~ David Butler’s new line, “World Tour” ~  and so much more!

~Happy Quilting!   The Stitchin’ Post Staff


BJ's Quilt Basket

20225 Badger Road, Bend                                     541-383-4310                           www.bjsquiltbasket.com

Well – summer and Festival of Classes is almost upon us – hard to believe!  If you still have time in July to join us for a Festival class we still have a few openings for some very fun classes – go to our website, www.bjsquiltbasket.com and click on “Festival”. 


June will bring us another “Quilt Til You Wilt” on Friday June 7th – it goes from 10am – 10pm 0r you can come for just the day or just the evening – it’s only $15 for one session, or $25 for the whole day, all food included!!  Join Norma in making any of our Toni Whitney patterns and learn this method of machine appliqué on the 8th; join Evelyn to make a “Mondo Bag” using the QuiltSmart method on the 14th; or learn how to hand embroidery on the 21st & 28th with Sue Ryan starting with a sampler!!  One last idea; have you missed Bevalee’s Machine Quilting class every time – well, it’s on the schedule again on the 29th – so sign up today!  See you at BJ’s – it’s the quilting place to be!!  Vicki & The Inspiration Team at BJ’s!

~Vicki and The Inspiration Team at BJ’s!



Cynthia’s Sewing Center

20225 Badger Road (inside BJ’s), Bend             541-383-1999                                     www.cynthiassewingcenter.com

Check our website for special classes, demonstrations and new products available.   We welcome you to visit our store for new product demos and information.
~Cynthia, Jerry, Lisa, Ann, Bob, Kris, and Elaine


High Mountain Fabric

1542 S Hwy 97, Redmond                                    541-548-6909

New fabrics:  Stonehenge tonals; transportation panels and matching pieces for children’s quilts; and fishing flannel.  Christmas and Halloween fabrics will start to arrive by the beginning of May and will continue to arrive each month.  20% off continues on regular-priced fabric (1 yard minimum cut).



Homestead Quilts

51425 Hwy. 97, La Pine                                    541-536-2360                                     www.homesteadquiltsonline.com

It looks like we are in for some great weather so please take this opportunity to come visit us at Homestead Quilts and Gallery.  We have all our summer fun out.  Check our website for all our new classes.  There is still room in the Block of the Month class.  Check our website for details or call us.

~Cathy and Staff


Material Girl Fabrics

515 SW Cascade Ave., Redmond                         541-923-1600                          www.material-girl-fabrics.com 

Hello quilters! Quilt Market was awesome this year! Lots of great new fabric and exciting ideas! We’re now gearing up for Sister’s Outdoor Quilt Show, working on kits and fat-quarter bundles!


Our Second Saturday Super Sale for June falls on the eighth. All fabric will be 15% off.


On June 20th, come help us celebrate a double birthday. It will be four years for Material Girl Fabrics, (and I won’t mention how many for me!) There will be a big party on Thursday with a big sale which will extend through the week-end. Please come down and see all our new fabrics. Or you can check them out on either our Facebook page, or our website. Remember to like us on Facebook!!!


We look forward to seeing you.

 ~Leslie and Alex


Morrows Sewing & Vacuum Center

304 NE 3rd St., Bend                                                 541-382-3882                                     www.morrowsewingandvacuum.com

We look forward to seeing you this month---stop by and see our new products.

~Happy Sewing---Karen


Quilters Attic

8154 11th ST.  Suite #1, Terrebonne                        541-548-8119                                     www.quiltersattic.net

Come check out the new items and fresh ideas found at Quilt Market.  Hours Mon-Sat 10-5pm.

~See you Soon!  Kathy & friends