A good friend is like a warm quilt wrapped around the heart.

Mt Bachelor Quilters' Guild

Quilting connects the past with the present and the future.

Bend, Oregon
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March 2011

  www.quiltsqq.com                                              President: Martha Sanders

Our Next Guild Meeting is Monday, March 14th, 2011.  

We are back at Partners in Care for our March meeting!

Fat Quarter for March: Bright Florals

Birthday Block for March:  How Deep is the Ocean?

Message from the President  

Martha S.

We are so pleased to announce that we are officially a 501c3 nonprofit organization.  A very big appreciation goes to Twyla B., Jill M., Linda M. and the entire team who diligently prepared the volumes of paperwork required for the application for this status.   YEAH!

We’ll be looking forward to your participation in our May member techniques meeting.  Please share your talents and tips with the guild.  Mary Ann will have more on this at our meeting.

Quilt documentation, the program for March, doesn’t mean we solely look at old quilts.  It’s just as important to document contemporary quilts to continue the wonderful creative tradition of quilts.    Be prepared for some fabulous stories about our craft.    



Block of the Month

Brrr, it’s time to warm up with those bright floral fat quarters while we dream of being at the beach with the block of the month. Thank you so much for your support of this ongoing project to help create more community quilts. You hear every month about someone or some group who truly appreciates your talents to produce something very special for them. “Spring has Sprung” ” is our April theme.  Check the website for a new pattern, beginning in April, for the 12” blocks.  We love the fabulous combos we saw in February.


Important Reminders

The meeting begins at 7:00 pm.  Unless you are assisting with setup, please don’t enter the meeting room before 6:30 pm.  When you arrive at the meeting, remember to check-in at the membership table and pick up your door prize ticket if you are wearing your cloth nametag.   As always, please turn your cell phones off during the meeting.



Sadie R.

Janelle R. and Lora F.  have volunteered to bring beverages and Sylvia K., Meredith B., Shereen A., and Kirstin S. have volunteered to bring snacks for our March meeting.   If anyone finds they cannot bring what they volunteered to contribute, please call Sadie R. @ 389-2532.  Thanks ladies.

Nonprofit Committee Update

It is official.  As of November 8, 2010, Mt Bachelor Quilters’ Guild has been granted nonprofit status as a 501(c)(3) organization and has been classified as a public charity by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS)

Our application to the IRS focused on our two primary charitable activities:  (1) Educating our members and the public about the art of quilting (guild programs, workshops, quilting demonstrations, quilt show) and (2) Community service through the creation and distribution of quilts to charitable organizations who distribute them within our community to those in need.  Our Guild will need to continue to focus its primary activities in these two areas and meet other requirements established by the IRS to continue this tax-exempt status. 

As a 501(c) (3) organization, MBQG will continue to be exempt from federal and state income taxes on profits from its qualified activities.  A significant change for all who donate quilts, quilting supplies, and other items to the Guild for its programs, the donations may qualify as a charitable donation on your personal tax return.  If properly documented, travel for Guild business may be deductible at the IRS standard rate for charitable travel. 

As we learn more about our new status as a public charity, the Board will share more information with the membership. 


Membership Information

Marie J.

We would like to welcome three new members who joined our Guild in February: Shannon P., Charlotte O., and Jill B.

Our New Member Social will be held in May (date and location will be announced at the March guild meeting). All new members from this year and last year, as well as any long time members, are invited to attend.  We always have a great time getting acquainted with new members, enjoy yummy snacks, door prizes, and show-n-tell with a few laughs along the way.  It is a super way to get acquainted with the members of the guild.


March Birthday Wishes

Libby S.               3/3
Norma W/H.        3/11
Martha S.            3/14
Cathy N.              3/15
Jean M.               3/16
Gail K.                 3/16
Bev K.                 3/18
Sonja J.               3/18
Sally B.                3/19
Lora F.                3/23
Karen F.              3/25
Erin B.                 3/27
Chris M.               3/30


Our Guild Library

Linda M.

The book added to the library this month is Kool Kaleidoscope Quilts, by Ricky Tims. This book contains a simple Strip-piecing technique for stunning results. A member donated another library book: Quilter’s Knot (A Harriet Truman/Loose Threads Mystery), by Arlene Sachitano. The March raffle book, Stash with Splash Quilts, by Cindy Casciato, explains how to combine your stash with exciting splash fabric to make beautiful quilts. Tickets are $1 each/6 for $5. In addition, we will have a selection of books to check out and you may return any books previously checked out. Thank you for your support of the Guild Library.  Let me know if you have any questions.


Program Information

Mary Ann B.

March - Oregon Quilt Documentation 

Martha Sparks, project coordinator for the Oregon Quilt Project in Salem, will present the purpose and process for preserving our quilts.  Martha will give a presentation at our Guild meeting on Monday evening and also conduct training on quilt documentation on Tuesday.  

April – Jean Wells

Jean Wells will present her program entitled:  ‘Color’.

May - Table Top Tips

Members may be enlisted to share tips they use to make their quilting more fun.  To date, one member has agreed to share a technique.  Who will be the next person?  Call Lisa N. at 541-317-2846 or e-mail her at lnakadate@bendbroadband.com.  Call Mary Ann B. at 541-312-9513 or e-mail me at topsytavern@yahoo.com.

June - The Lubbesmeyer Twins

Lisa and Lori, Lubbesmeyer are fiber artists who work out of their studio in the Old Mill District in Bend.  Their art quilts/paintings are beautiful.  Go to their website: www.lubbesmeyerstudio.com and view the video by OPB.  It will help you understand their work a little better.  They have put together a fascinating concept and it works for them beautifully. 

July - Hawaiian Quilter

A friend of Sarah Kaufman’s will share Hawaiian quilts, techniques, and maybe a dance!

August - Quilt Show

October - Idaho Quilters

Sharon Baker creates kimonos with 5 easy pieces and Elaine Bowles creates art quilts. Check out www.laconnerquilts.com for an interview with Sharon.  (Go to past exhibits and scroll down to Collaborative Journey in 2010.)   Sharon’s website is: www.kapamaker.com.  Elaine Bowles is an art quilter who uses embellishments.  We will have a trunk show by them.  There will be a workshop during the day on Monday.



Lisa N.

Join us for a Quilt Documentation workshop on Tuesday, March 15, 2011 from 9:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m.  Martha Spark, project coordinator for the Oregon Quilt Project, will show us how to document various kinds of quilts.  Each quilt documentation includes any known history of the quilt, a detailed description of the size, block design, style, fabrics, thread, batting, backing, quilting, etc., and pictures of the whole quilt and detail shots.  The cost of the workshop is $15.  The location is currently being determined.  Individuals who attend this workshop will have the training necessary to volunteer at various Documentation Days held throughout the state of Oregon.  We will have the opportunity to document several quilts during the workshop so if you are interested in having a quilt documented, let Lisa N. know (there is an additional $10 charge).  If you are interested in attending, please contact Lisa N. at Lnakadate@bendbroadband.com or 541.317.2846.


The 2011 Mt. Bachelor Quilt Guild's Challenge Quilt

Marilyn U.

I am chairing the Challenge Quilt this year and with the board's approval the theme is "What Women Love!"  This is your opportunity to make that crazy quilt reflecting your love of chocolate cake, wine with friends, laughing with family, birthdays, whatever it is that you love or you know that women love...put it in a quilt! The dimensions are minimum 36x36 and maximum 64x64. Prizes will be awarded based on your creativity and more. Contact Marilyn@quiltworks.com if you have any questions.


Continuing Monthly Food Drive

Please remember each month to bring a couple of items for the food drive at the Nativity Lutheran Church.  The list of items needed is on our website.  There will be boxes in the lobby for your donations.  The need is GREAT!!!  As the list changes, we'll advise.  THANKS so much!!!!!!!!!!!   Sylvia and Norma


Community Baby Shower

Pris B.

Community Baby Shower is sponsored by Soroptimist Intl. of Bend (a nonprofit service organization).  We collect necessary supplies for mothers who cannot afford them.  This is our 6th annual collection!  Many women have no resources at all for their new baby.  Some have fled domestic violence, or poverty has made it impossible to prepare for a baby.  In this economy, there are more needy families than ever before.

I’m asking our guild members to make a simple baby quilt or fleece blanket, or to knit/crochet a baby blanket.  I will be away for 6 weeks, so please bring your donations to the May guild meeting, and I will give you a tax-receipt.

Help women who are in need to celebrate their new babies!         Thanks!


2011 MTQG Quilt Show

Gail G.

Our 28th Annual "Quilts in the Park" will be held Saturday, August 13, 2011 at Pioneer Park. Members have stepped up to chair all of the committees and plans are on track, but there will be plenty of opportunities to sign up to serve on the various committees as we get into spring.

If anyone is interested in being the chair or co-chair for the 2012 Show, let us know so you can shadow our progress this year and hit the ground running next year. Also, if you are interested in putting together a special exhibit, we'd like to include that information in our promotion.

If you have questions, or wish to volunteer, contact Gayle G., ggassner@bendbroadband.com.

Last summer it was suggested that a commercial food vendor be part of the Guild's quilt show in lieu of our usual potluck. A great deal of discussion ensued, and a special meeting was convened in October to discuss all the issues raised. Given the wide range of opinions, we would like to poll the membership at the next meeting by having members vote at check in for one of three options: a commercial food vendor who would sell something not-too-messy (an option which would require a Standing Rules change, as our Standing Rules state that no vendors are allowed at the show---this change would require an affirmative vote by a simple majority of our membership), our traditional potluck for members only, or no food (bring your own sack lunch/picnic) with only water provided. Copies of the summary of earlier discussions will be available for those who want to revisit the issues, or you can contact Gayle G. at ggassner@bendbroadband.com to have the summary emailed to you.


Quilt Retreat---2011

Janelle R. and Donna C.

Our 2011 retreat will be held at the Seventh Mountain Resort on April 15-17. The cost is $250. This includes lunches and dinners, a lovely room, and door prizes. Come join us for three days of sewing fun! Space is filling fast. Contact Janelle or Donna for more information.


Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show -- July 9, 2011

Susan R.

Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show checklist:

___ Go to the website, www.sistersoutdoorquiltshow.org, to register your quilts online, request forms, and get info on all the related events -- more than ever this year!  

___ Sign up to HOSTESS on Show Day, July 9th (2 hour shift).    Hostesses keep an eye on the quilts in their section, greet people and answer easy questions, and are urgently needed.   Wouldn't you want your quilt to be carefully guarded?   Let's make 2011 our best hostessing year ever!

___ Contact your Guild/Quilt Show liaison Susan R. with any questions.   Thanks!

Community Quilts

Mary T., Karen F, and Norma W.

Guild Night, March 14, please bring fabrics cut in 2 ½” squares, 3 ½” squares, 6 ½” squares, and 2 ½” x 4 ½” rectangles.  PLEASE package each group in a different Ziplock bag….hundreds of them are fine!!!  Please cut accurately!!!!

Thank you for all the GREAT quilts you’ve turned in so far. 

In addition to the members listed in the last newsletter who turned in one or more, a Big Thanks to these ladies who recently submitted one or more:

Barb P.; Bonnie C.; Catherine E.; Chris M.; Cindy L.; Jane D.; Joanne M.; Karen F.; Karen K.; Kristin S.; Loesje A.; Marie J.; Mary Ann B.; Mary Ann L.; Mary T.; Phyllis V.; Rosie W.; Susan M.; and Zelma T.

Often, members ask for the names of our charities and the size of the quilts needed.  All of that information is on our website.  We do not need wallhangings.

Community Quilts will meet at Nativity Lutheran Church, Wednesday, March 16th, from 11-3.  We'll have buckets of fabric and ideas; kits; batting; backings; and many laughs.  Please bring your BSS, sewing machine, works in progress, lunch, food donations for the Food Drive, and join in on the fun. 


QuiltWorks Quilt Gallery

QuiltWorks is looking for New York Beauty quilts made by guild members to hang for part of our April exhibit. The "Kapitoil" novel quilts are the featured exhibit in April and there will be two receptions for both exhibits, one on First Friday and one for the library on April 21. "Kapitoil" is the Deschutes County Library's Novel Idea and it's a story that takes place in New York, hence the interest in New York Beauties. If you have a NYB that you would like to be part of the April exhibit please let Marilyn know at the March 14 meeting or email her at marilyn@quiltworks.com.

Caring Corner

Libby S.

If you have any news among our guild member, such as births, weddings, illness or passing, please contact Libby S. 541-330-8186 (eseitz@bendbroadband.com) and I will mail a card on behalf of our Guild.   I mailed approximately 40 cards for the 2010 year.

Darlene P.'s recovery is going slow and I know she would enjoy a card or phone call to cheer her day! Even if it has been a few weeks since the surgery, etc., a card is always a welcome smile especially when therapy is tough.  See the Guild roster for addresses.

Wanted: Your Old Machine

Wynne O. works for Deschutes County Health Department.   Wynne is wondering if anyone in the guild has an older, but functioning sewing machine they would be willing to donate to a resident in a local mental health group home.  She is on a very limited income and would very much like to have a machine.  Contact Wynne at (925) 963-4798 or wynne_osborne@co.deschutes.or.gov


Coming Events

March meeting MBQG—Monday, 3/14/11

28th Annual Quilt Show and Merchant Mall ‘Sew Many Scraps..Sew a Patchwork Quilt’ March 18 and 19, Three Rivers Convention Center, 7016 W. Grandridge Blvd., Kennewick, WA admission $5, free parking. www.tcquilters.com

Pioneer Quilters Present the 35th Annual Unbroken Thread Show ‘A Flowering of Quilts’ honoring our member Martha Allwander.  April 9-17, 2011 Lane County Historical Museum, 740 W 13th Ave. Eugene, OR  Tues-Sat 10-4, Sun 12-4.  Admission $5

Central Oregon Shop Hop---April 28,29,30, May 1st


Shop News

(Alphabetically by store name, rotated monthly)


Morrows Sewing & Vacuum Center

304 NE 3rd St., Bend 382-3882 www.morrowssewingandvacuum.com

We look forward to seeing you this month---stop by and see our new products.

Happy Sewing!

h Karen h


Quilters Attic

8154 11th St., Suite #1, Terrebonne 541-548-8119 www.quiltersattic.net

Located one block east of Highway 97 in Terrebonne    

Store hours 10am-5pm   Monday-Saturday

Happy New Year,

h Kathy & friends h


The Quilt Shack

104 NW 4th St., Prineville 541-447-1338 www.thequiltshack.com  

Spring is in the air and the grass is getting greener, which reminds me that St. Patrick's Day is near.  The Quilt Shack has GREEN BATIK Fabric 20% off on sale this month or come in on St. Patrick's Day wearing your Green Festivities and get an extra 5% off. 

Don't forget to check out classes, sales, summer hours, Quilt Shows & our Central Oregon Shop Hop dates in April all posted on our website www.thequiltshack.com.

Thank you for shopping at the Shack, 

h Rhonda and Friends f   



926 NE Greenwood Ave., Bend 541-728-0527 www.quiltworks.com

March 4 - QuiltWorks Quilt Gallery First Friday Reception from 5 to 7 PM. March’s exhibit recognizes Sister’s resident Phyllis Dickenson as the Featured Quilter. Phyllis’ style includes a personal touch and a story in each piece. The featured group, “Journeys”, all fabric artists from Central Oregon will have two exhibits. All three exhibits will be up throughout the month of March.

Come to one of our monthly get-togethers; everyone is welcome!

  • Newcomers Club - every Monday morning 9:30AM to 12:30PM, “Sit ‘n Sew”
  • Woolly Mammoths - the 2nd and 4th Tuesdays, Noon to 4 with Anna Bates
  • Sew-cial or “Sit ‘n Sew” - every Thursday 3PM to 8PM with Crys
  • Modern Quilt Guild Interest Group - the 1st and 3rd Tuesdays from 5PM to 8PM for a “Sit ‘n Sew”
  • Quilts for Kids - the 3rd Sunday of every month 1PM to 4PM

h Marilyn and Dave f   


Sew Many Quilts and Bernina Center

1375 SE Wilson #170, Bend 541-385-7166 www.sewmanyquiltsinbend.com

We hope you were able to visit the shop in February when we displayed the Pennies from Heaven Trunk Show from Gretchen Gibbon’s book by the same name. It was so inspiring! Starting in March, the Pennies from Heaven quilt will be our newest wool appliqué Block of the Month. Be sure to sign up for it!

Also, from March 10 – 21, Bernina is sponsoring a “Peel to Reveal” savings promotion. You peel off the sticker to discover just how much you will receive off (up to $500) with your purchase of any new Bernina Sewing Machine priced at $999 or more.

We have new fabrics arriving weekly, so stop by, browse, and add a few new pieces to your fabric stash! We appreciate all of our wonderful customers and are excited by the many wonderful quilts and projects you have brought in for “show and tell.”

See you soon …

h Gail, Sharon, and Staff f

Stitchin' Post

311 W Cascade, (P.O. Box 280, 97759) Sisters 541-549-6061 www.stitchinpost.com

What’s New at the Stitchin’ Post!

The Spring/Summer 2011 Classes have begun!

Have you heard about our “C-TICKET TO CREATIVITY”?  You get Five Classes for $50* -- Look for a variety of class offerings and take advantage of this great savings. You may choose up to five of the more than 30 C-Ticket Classes being offered. Should a class be cancelled, you can transfer to another C-Ticket

class. Advance class registration is required due to limited space. *Limit one C-Ticket per customer

We are changing up the schedule on Wednesday mornings!

We’ve filled our Wednesday mornings with mini technique classes -- giving you “Permission to Play” with new materials, new tools, new techniques and new ideas. Best of all, these mini classes are all C-Ticket options, or individually priced at just $15.  See www.stitchinpost.com/classes.html or call the store for more details.

Jean’s new pattern line is now available: Metolius (fish quilt!), Madison Square (modern quilt with improvisational piecing), and Color Work Table Runners.

You can find them on this page of our website - http://www.stitchinpost.com/patterns_jwd.html

We are also expecting two HUGE orders of Batiks from Hoffman and Robert Kaufman, and new prints from Kaffe Fassett!

Happy Quilting!

hThe Stitchin’ Post Staff h

BJ's Quilt Basket

20225 Badger Road, Bend 541-383-4310   www.bjsquiltbasket.com    or   Vicki@bjsquiltbasket.com

Stop by in March to see what we have planned for March Madness!!  Also, have you seen BJ’s Blog yet???  I’m trying to keep up with it & keep you informed as to what’s going on behind the scenes there - take a look next time you get a chance!  Also, you have to stop by soon, we are in the process of checking in box after box of new fabrics for spring, although it doesn’t look like spring around here yet!  We have a great new camping line here from Maywood & Wilmington, a new doggy panel, and lots more!! 

Have you signed up for a class lately?  We’ve got lots to offer, and if you can think of something we should be offering, please feel free to email us the idea…we are listening!  See you April 28th – May 1st for our Central Oregon Shop Hop – mark your calendars!  See you at BJ’s – it’s the quilting place to be! 

hVicki & Staff h

Cynthia’s Sewing Center

20225 Badger Road (inside BJ’s), Bend 541-383-1999 www.cynthiassewingcenter.com

Check our website for special classes, demonstrations and new products available.   We welcome you to visit our store for new product demos and information.

h Cynthia, Jerry, Lisa, Ann, Bob, Kris, and Elaine f


High Mountain Fabric

1542 S Hwy 97, Redmond 541-548-6909

Check out all our new fabrics and our special SALE area. Remember our new hours:  T-F 10 a.m.-4 p.m.  and Sat. 10 a.m. -2 p.m.  It’s worth the drive to Redmond!

hDonna f


Homestead Quilts

51425 Hwy. 97, La Pine 541-536-2360 www.homesteadquiltsonline.com

We thought it was spring and now it’s snowing again.  That's okay it just gives you more time for sewing.  Our new class schedule will be out soon.  We will have a little of everything on it.  We now have over 2500 bolts of fabric and have recently received many new lines.  We go from frogs to elegant.  Our Handiquilter Avante quilt frame is up and running.  Everyone is enjoying the private lessons and they are happy to get that stack of unquilted finally quilted.  It's fun to do and you save money doing it yourself.  Come in and check it out.  We look forward to seeing you. 

h Cathy and Staff f

Material Girl Fabrics

306 NW 7th St., Redmond OR 97756, 541-923-1600

Material Girl has some great new fabric!

Soul Blossom by Amy Butler in quilting cotton, laminates and home dec.  Celestial Dreams by Laurel Burch, Giddy by Sandy Gervais, Sugar Pop by Liz Scott and Marzipan by Julie Pashkis.  Rayon Batiks,   more Cotton Lawn and more cotton knits from Michael Miller.

Mt Bachelor quilters get a 10%, except on Saturdays, when it's 15%.

h Leslie and Staff f