A good friend is like a warm quilt wrapped around the heart.

Mt Bachelor Quilters' Guild

Quilting connects the past with the present and the future.

Bend, Oregon
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                     October 2013


Editor: Kristin S.                       www.quiltsqq.com              President: Shannon P.



October 14th Program- Bill Fellows with Cynthia’s Sewing Center

Don’t forget your nametag, show and tell and food drive donation.

Fat Quarter drawing for October- Black and White


President’s Message

Shannon P.

Hope everyone is enjoying the beginning of fall!  It's one of my favorite times of year.  Back home in Oklahoma! the country side looks like a huge brightly colored quilt.  It was one of the best things about all the driving I did while living there!  Get inspired to try a new color in your quilting.  Personally, orange is one of my favorite colors, but I rarely use it in my quilts.  Well, time for a change! My goal is to incorporate it in one quilting project for October.  You'll have to wait and see the outcome!


Since most of you didn't attend the Ricky Tims Super Seminar, I'll give you a little update.  It was AWESOME!!!!! So much great information mixed with stories and jokes, makes for a wonderful experience.  Jill has more information on an exciting prospect associated with Ricky later in the newsletter.


Also the book fair is coming up! We still could use some more volunteers.  The date is October 19th.  If you can't volunteer, come buy a book or order one online!  Let's try to beat last year's amount of $400! I know we can do it!


Happy Fall Y'all!

Hospitality for the October 14th Guild Meeting

Erin B. and Lindsey K.

Kathleen G. and Judie D. have volunteered to bring beverages and Lisa N., Phyllis V. and Gail K. have volunteered to bring snacks. If you find you are not able to bring what you volunteered to contribute, please call Erin B. or Lindsey K.  The meeting begins at 6:45 pm.  As always, please turn your cell phones off before the meeting.


October Barnes and Noble Bookfair Fundraiser- October 19 Demonstration Day

MaryElla S.

Barnes and Noble of Bend will host a “Bookfair” to support our guild’s Community Quilt project.  Guild members will be in the store one day, Saturday, October 19th, to tell visitors about our Community Quilt Program, to discuss the quilts in our exhibit, and to demonstrate the art of quilting.


Anytime from October 18th to October 23rd, a percentage of the sales made in the store or online will be contributed to the Guild, when customers mention that they’d like to support our quilt guild.  Even if people cannot come to the store on October 19, they can purchase items online at barnesandnoble.com – but they must mention Book Fair Code 11189883, in order for the guild to receive credit.  This is the correct code.


Our time frame overlaps with Educator Appreciation Week at Barnes and Noble, so teachers will get a discount.  Please tell your teacher-friends how they can save money and also help our guild!


At the first Bookfair we did, our guild earned about $600, and last year we earned about $400.  It’s really important to spread the word and get more customers in the store – if we do, we might be able to earn over $1000.00!  At the October 14th guild meeting, we will have paper-vouchers that you can give to your friends, neighbors, and relatives -- they could do some of their Christmas shopping at Barnes and Noble.


We will hang quilts in the store on Friday, October 18th – if you can help us, please contact MaryElla.  We would like three more wall-quilts to hang, so please contact MaryElla if you can lend us some.  We have only FIVE guild members signed up to be in the store on October 19th, and we do need six more people to help that day – please contact MaryElla.  Or, if you have any questions, you can contact MaryElla – see latest roster.


Nominating Committee

Lisa N.

The Nominating Committee is accepting nominations for First Vice President/Programs and Treasurer for the 2013-2014 year.  Do you have a financial background or are good at budgeting and accounting?  Interested in finding quilt teachers and booking them for Guild programs?  Both positions offer the chance to meet lots of new people and give back to the Guild.  If you are interested in being considered for either of these positions, please contact one of the following individuals:

Mary Ann B.      topsytavern@yahoo.com

Sonia J.            soniajager18@gmail.com

Lisa N.             lnakadate@bendbroadband.com

Martha S.          marthapsanders@gmail.com

Thank you!


Guild History

Kathleen G. and Rosie W.

As an ongoing historical project, if anyone captures a photo opportunity, we would certainly appreciate you sending it to us for the guild's history books.  Thank you.     Kathleen G. (kjgarton@gmail.com)


Community Food Drive- October 14th Guild Meeting

Diana L.

Let’s get together and bring canned tuna or chicken to the October meeting.  If everyone brought one can, think how much that would help the food pantry.  Thank you for all your donations—we accept any food or monetary donations.


Community Quilts- Next Meeting October 16, 11-3 at Nativity Lutheran Church

Jane D., Diana L., Bev P., Lora F., or Jean M.

As many of you know already, the Guild was recently given a very generous donation of fabric from the family of Marian Nord, who passed away this summer. Marian worked for some time at Mountain Country Mercantile in Bend. The donation included over 700 yards of backing and several hundred yards of piecing material. There was also some heavier fabric that we in turn donated to a couple of local sewing groups who make health bags and other items that are given away to those in need. We appreciate that several Guild members are now storing boxes of fabric at their homes until we need it.


The October Community Quilts gathering will be on Wednesday, October 16th at Nativity Lutheran Church.    The church is located at the corner of SE Knott and Brosterhaus in Bend.   We meet from 11 till about 3.    Bring your lunch, your sewing machine and a community quilt project.    If you don't have a project, we can help you with fabric, patterns, and ideas.

Our Guild Library

Linda M.

The October raffle book is Antique to Heirloom, Jelly Roll Quilts, by Pam & Nicky Lintott.  This book contains 12 modern quilt patterns from Vintage Patchwork Quilt designs.  Tickets are $1 each or 6 for $5.  New library book is Cuddle me Quick, by Christine Porter & Darra Williamson.  This book contains 11 baby-quilt designs.  Books donated by members and added to the library are:  100 Quilt Blocks by Better Homes and Gardens Magazine, The Country Bride Quilt Collection, by Cheryl A Benner and Rachel T. Pellman, and How to Make an Amish Quilt, by Rachel and Kenneth Pellman.  There will be a selection of books for you to check out and you can return books previously checked out at the meeting.  Thank you for your support of the Guild Library.


Ricky Tims Quilt Seminar

Jill M.

The Ricky Tims Quilt Seminar (RTQS) in Pasco WA took place last week.  Three members attended and raved about the high quality of all of the presentations.  At the RTQS, mention was made of future possible seminars locations.........  The idea of inviting RTQS to Bend was discussed by the Board at their recent meeting; as a result a proposal has been submitted to RTQS.  It would offer both a wonderful educational event and also a good Guild fundraiser.  More information will be coming......stay tuned.



Kayla H.  

October- Bill Fellows will be here from Cynthia's Sewing Center.   The president picks a program each year and this year Shannon chose Bill to do a program on at home sewing machine maintenance.  We all will get a few pointers to help us out.   Come with lots of questions.

November- Annual Business Meeting

December- Christmas Party- stay tuned for details!


MBQG Retreat- March 7-9, 2014

Debbie A. and Suzanne H.

Reserve your spot now for the Mt. Bachelor Quilters’ Guild Retreat March 7th, 8th and 9th, 2014! 

Mount Bachelor Village Condos house 5 people and have a full kitchen, fireplace, separate bedrooms and baths.  There is a hot tub on each deck overlooking the Deschutes River.  Space is limited to 40 people.  Bring your checkbooks.  Questions: contact Suzanne H. 541-280-7712 or Debbie A.  541-389-6653.


Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show- July 12, 2014

Martha S.

We need to define our exhibit to the SOQS this month! It seems like we just enjoyed this event, but it’s time to think about next year. In prior years we have featured a workshop project but it seems that we have not had a recent project that produced enough quilts to create a strong exhibit. Some guilds choose a theme for an exhibit which could make a cohesive display. The theme could be color, a variation on a block design, a design that follows a specific theme, i.e., “High Desert” or any other suggestion. Please think about your suggestion and let me know either by email or in person at the guild meeting in October.  


Caring Corner

Libby S.

Darlene Patterson was in the hospital and we hope she is on her way to complete recovery. We are sorry to hear that Judy Ballew’s husband passed away.  Our thoughts are with their family. Please contact Libby S. with any news of current or former guild members.


Christmas Stocking Project

MaryElla S.

On  Sepetember 25th the "Sew In" for making Christmas Stockings for the deployed troops took place.  Several members took kits home to complete while other members dropped in for cutting and stitching. On October 25th MaryElla will deliver the completed stockings along with donated items to the Salem contact office. Below are the suggested items that are stuffed into the stockings and the 2 gallon bags holding each stocking.

* Snack bars/Granola bars  * Packaged nuts* Crackers & cookies    * Candies & Gum

* beef jerky & sticks  * Fruit snacks    * Hot chocolate mix          * Tea or Cider mix

* Gatorade mix  * Fruit snacks   *  Toothpaste/brush & Eye drops   * Handwarmers

* Lip balm          * Lightweight knit gloves & caps         * Batteries,AAA, AA, 9volt

* Frisbee & Nerf balls     * Cough drops & Tylenol     *  White or drab boot socks 

*Nail clippers & Razors      * Disposable camera   * Word game book & magazines  

* DVD’s & CD’s, new or used  * New or Good Condition Paperback books:

Mystery,  Western, Thrillers, Sports, Inspirational, No Romance Please

If you prefer you can donate on the web site instead of buying and bringing to this Bend contact.
www.marinecorpsfamilyfoundation.org.  Please bring your stockings and items to the next meeting or arrange to drop off at MaryElla's house.   541-639-8441


Treasurer’s Report

Wynne O.

Since the Treasurer was out of town for the month of September, there were very few transactions. November's newsletter will include a full update on our financial status.


September Door Prize Winners

Lisa N.

Stitchin’ Post                                           Kathie E.

Quilter’s Attic                                          Cathy C.

Homestead Quilts                                    Mary Ann B.

Julia Jeans Quilting                                   Lora F.

High Mountain Fabric                                Janelle R.

Sew Many Quilts                                      Martha S.

Material Girls                                            June B.

Morrows Sewing & Vacuum                         Mary Ann L.

Cynthia’s Sewing Center                              Jean M.

BJ’s Quilt Basket                                        Erin B.

Julia Jeans Quilting                                     Pris B.

QuiltWorks                                                Diana L.



October Birthday Wishes- Happy Birthday to All!


Marie J.            10/4

Susan W.          10/5

Rosie W.           10/7

Twyla B.            10/8

MaryElla S.         10/8

Virginia S.           10/14

Jane D.              10/16

Rhonda K.           10/17

Barb P.               10/20

Lizbeth C.            10/21

Jan S.                 10/22

Julianne L.            10/23

Cathy C.               10/30

Guild Dates to Remember


Guild Meeting- Program:  Bill Fellows                                                                       October 14

Community Quilt Day- Nativity Lutheran Church, 11-3                                       October 16

Barnes and Noble BookFair Fundraiser            Demo Day                                     October 19           

Guild Meeting- Annual Business Meeting                                                                 November 11

Community Quilt Day- Nativity Lutheran Church, 11-3                                       November 13

Guild Meeting- Christmas Party                                                                               December 9

Community Quilt Day- Nativity Lutheran Church, 11-3                                       December 11

MBQG Retreat- Mt Bachelor Village                                                                           March 7-9, 2014


Other Dates to Remember

QuiltWorks Gallery Reception                                                                                     October 4

5-7 pm, Featured Artist Jan Tetzlaff of Bend and The Undercover Quilters with their The Language of Flowers quilts.

Quilts for All Seasons Quilt Show, Ladies of the Lake Quilt Guild                     October 4 & 5

Admission $5, Friday and Saturday 10-4, Youth and Family Link Building, 907 Douglas St., Longview, WA.


With Thanks to our Sponsoring Shops

(Alphabetically by store name, rotated monthly)


Homestead Quilts

51425 Hwy. 97, La Pine                                541-536-2360 


Check our website for all our new classes. 

~Cathy and Staff


Material Girl Fabrics

515 SW Cascade Ave., Redmond                         541-923-1600                          www.material-girl-fabrics.com 

Material Girl has a lot of fun, novelty, contemporary and Asian new fabrics. We want to inspire you with projects and kits for the upcoming season.  All new fabric can be seen of the website and Facebook. For October, satin and tulle by the yard will be 40% off.

~Leslie and Alex


Morrows Sewing & Vacuum Center

304 NE 3rd St., Bend                                                 541-382-3882   www.morrowsewingandvacuum.com

We look forward to seeing you this month---stop by and see our new products.

~Happy Sewing---Karen    


Quilters Attic

8154 11th ST.  Suite #1, Terrebonne                        541-548-8119                                     www.quiltersattic.net

Quilters Attic hours: Mon-Sat 10-5  Looking forward to seeing you!  



The Quilt Shack

1211 NW Madras Hwy, Prineville                                     541-447-1338                                     www.thequiltshack.com

370 E Cascade in Sisters, Oregon for the summer

Happy Halloween and Quilting Everyone,

Sew Oregon starts this Saturday, October 5th to October 19th, great prizes this year...you don't want to miss. Fall is finally here and The Quilt Shack is full of wonderful fabrics for fall.  For the month of October is Breast Cancer Awareness, so we are having 20% off anything Pink!  Plus, you will find a wonderful Sales Rack that is 40% off, and all notions are 25% off too!  Don't forget the holidays are around the corner and we have them marked down to 20% to 30% off.

Classes are posted and we have two wonderful Block of the Months that you can do in the house or by mail.  Visit thequiltshack.com for more information.

Happy Holidays,

~Rhonda, Family & Friends





926 NE Greenwood Ave., Bend                         541-728-0527                                     www.quiltworks.com

QuiltWorks Gallery Our October Featured Quilter will be Jan Tetzlaff. Jan has a wide variety of styles and every piece you see you will love! Our featured group will be the Undercover Quilters with quilts from the novel The Language of Flowers.


QuiltWorks First Friday - October 4 will be our First Friday reception honoring our quilters. The event will be from 5 to 7 PM, featuring appetizers, refreshments, door prizes and a sale.


Fall Classes - Some of the October classes that still have room in them are  Jill Monley’s Feathered Vest and Intermediate Free Motion Quilting, Radiant Suns for curved piecing, Rag Quilt by Marilyn (her specialty!), Radiance for large scale prints, T-Shirt quilt always popular, Finishing Your Quilt, Absolute Bag, and also a couple of paper-piecing projects.


November Inspirations Small Quilt Show - Our November gallery will feature a unique quilt show inviting our customers to exhibit small quilts, no larger than 176” perimeter for our first annual show with prizes awarded. Quilters are invited to exhibit quilts in the following categories: pieced, appliqued, mixed and modern. Throughout the month of November viewers will be invited to vote for their favorite quilt in each category. Pick up a registration or email marilyn@quiltworks.com to register your quilt. We are looking forward to our new annual November Inspirations Small Quilt Show and invite you to join us!


Mini Groups are invited to hold their November meeting in the QuiltWorks gallery. It will be an opportunity to share and talk about the quilts. Groups are welcome to bring refreshments and just need to contact marilyn@quiltworks.com to reserve their space. A 10% discount will be given to each group that day.

Thanks for being a QuiltWorks friend!

~Marilyn, Dave and the gals from QuiltWorks


Sew Many Quilts and Bernina Center

1375 SE Wilson #170, Bend                                     541-385-7166                                     www.sewmanyquiltsinbend.com

Hi Quilters,

We hope that everyone had a great summer. Now that fall is here, it's time to start thinking about the holidays and all those personalized gifts you want to give your family and friends. To help you we are offering fun classes in a series called Holiday Workshops that will help you with your gift-giving. Our Fall class list was emailed several weeks ago. If you didn't receive one you can go to our website at www.sewmanyquiltsinbend.com. You can even sign up on line and get some of the class supply lists.

We have the new Christmas HO! HO! HO! line of fabric from Nancy Halverson of Art to Heart. Hurry in, it's going fast! We have also received a number of new flannels from Moda and Henry Glass - perfect for a warm, soft quilt for winter. We continue to get in new fabrics and just received the Cosmopolitan line in blues from Contempo, so come in and check them out. You’re sure to find just the right one for that special project.


Our 11th Anniversary is just around the corner. Watch your e-mail for more information. We always enjoy seeing the wonderful projects you have done and love it when you bring them by to show us.

Happy quilting,

Gail, Sharon & our Great Staff






Stitchin' Post

311 W Cascade, Sisters                                     541-549-6061                                     www.stitchinpost.com

As summer winds down and kids head back to school, the prospect of more sewing time elicits true excitement around here. We will keep you posted on upcoming fabric and classes. Visit us on Facebook and Instagram to watch our daily fun.


Don’t Miss Out on Fabulous Fall Workshops!

Jean Wells~            Design Forward- Quilt Exploration                         Nov 4-8, 2013

Tonye Phillips~            City Livin’                                                             Nov 14, 2013


~Happy Quilting!   The Stitchin’ Post Staff


BJ's Quilt Basket

20225 Badger Road, Bend                                     541-383-4310                           www.bjsquiltbasket.com

Happy Fall Y’All – hard to believe, but quilting weather is just around the corner!! And, to give you a jump start, believe it or not, we have 39+ classes scheduled for our Fall season!!  Our Lumberyard teacher is now a Central Oregonian, so we have tons of class options from her, so be sure to at least attend her Trunk Show on September 28th from 2-4pm.  Norma has been busy, busy with class options as well – we have everything from hand appliqué with Bevalee, to machine appliqué, to machine quilting, curved piecing, a gorgeous Jinny Beyer runner, a tree skirt and more!!  We hope that you’ll be enticed to join us at some point this Fall!! 


Something fun to add to your October calendar: 7th Annual Sew Oregon Shop Hop!!  It begins on October 5th, and goes through the 19th. You can go to their website (www.seworegon.com) to see what stores are participating – there are only six in the Central Oregon district, and you only have to finish one district to be in the running for prizes!!  As you travel on your "Pacific Adventure" each shop will stamp your passport and provide you with a complimentary block kit to make that shop's featured block. The kit will contain their selected themed fabric from P&B Textiles "Color Weave" collection and a pattern for a 6" finished block. Continue visiting shops to complete your passport. Turn your completed passports in at the last shop you visit.  It’s a lot of fun, and we hope you’ll join us and help make it successful!


See you at BJ’s – it’s the quilting place to be!! 

~Vicki and The Inspiration Team at BJ’s!


Cynthia’s Sewing Center

20225 Badger Road (inside BJ’s), Bend             541-383-1999                                     www.cynthiassewingcenter.com

Check our website for special classes, demonstrations and new products available.   We welcome you to visit our store for new product demos and information.
~Cynthia, Jerry, Lisa, Ann, Bob, Kris, and Elaine


High Mountain Fabric

1542 S Hwy 97, Redmond                                    541-548-6909

$5 per yard table (many bolts)- 1 yd minimum cut; holiday fabric 30% off bolt- 1 yd minimum cut; hours Tues-Fri. 10-4, Sat 10-2.