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2013 MBQG Quilt Show –August 10, 2013                                                 Pioneer Park, Downtown Bend

Sales Table

As usual, the Guild will have a Sales Table in order for members and non members to sell quilt-related items. 

Items Accepted

  • Zip Lock bags with scraps of fabrics.  This could be a whole bag of fabric strips, completed quilt blocks, fat quarters, etc.
  • Zip Lock bags with quilting notions.  This could include thimbles, needles, tools, rulers, thread, or pins.
  • Sewing machines and related equipment/accessories
  • Quilt books, magazines, or quilt patterns  PLEASE bundle magazines in sets of 4 or more.
  • Quilts that you do not wish to hang in the quilt show but that you wish to sell.
  • Sewing-related craft items, such as ribbons, buttons, yarn, etc.
  • Quilting-related items that you want to put in the “freebie” area--these items should NOT be included on your Sales inventory form.

Labeling & Pricing 

  • Each separate zip-lock bag or item must include a label with the seller’s name or initials and price.  Please mark clearly and use a marker that will not rub off.   If we can’t easily tell who the seller is, you risk not getting paid for the item if it is sold.
  • Please price items for $1.00 or more to make life easier for the people who have to make change and keep track of what is sold!
  • Labels can be:
    • A sticky label attached to the outside of the zip-lock bag, book, magazine, or item
    • A string tag attached, tied, or taped on an item 
    • Make it legible!



Inventory Sales Form

  • Each seller must complete a 2013 Quilt Show Sales Inventory form--this will be posted on the Guild website.   A few copies will be available at the June and July Guild meetings.
  • Individually list each item to be sold on the sales table.   List each item on a separate line, describing it completely.  Don’t use ditto marks.  This is important to help the sales committee track your items accurately.  Use additional forms as necessary to list each of your items.
  • Make a copy of the completed form for your records.
  • Turn in your sale items -- Friday, August 9, 2013, 10 a.m. - 3 p.m.
  • Items for the Sales Table will be collected at Bend Park and Rec Building, 799 SW Columbia Street  on Friday, August 17th between 10 a.m. and 3:00 p.m.   
  • Bring the original of your completed Sales Inventory Form and your labeled items.  Make sure you have a copy of your form(s) for yourself.

Quilt Show Day – Saturday August 10, 2013

  • No sales will occur before the Quilt Show opens.   No items can be “reserved” or set aside before the Quilt Show opens.
  • At the end of the quilt show, sellers may collect their unsold items from the sales table and check out with a member of the sales committee.  The sales committee needs to check off the unsold items on its copy of the Sales Inventory Form before you remove your items.

Payment to sellers

  • Sales proceeds will be collected by MBQG
  • Money will be paid to the members and nonmembers after the Board meeting subsequent to the quilt show.   To save on postage, most checks will be given out at the September Guild meeting.
  • MBQG will withhold 10% of the sales proceeds from the sales of members
  • MBQG will withhold 15% of the sales proceeds from the sales of nonmembers


Questions regarding the sales table?

 Contact: Bev P. or Jean M.